Friday, February 16, 2007

Will you go out with me?

****updated with pictures now that Blogger is actually cooperating!****

Gracie & Chris had a 'Daddy/Daughter' date tonight. He was so sweet to bring her flowers which she was very happy to get! She picked out her dress to wear and was excited to be wearing jewelry and smelling like Mommy on Sunday morning in the car! (Meaning I put my 'white cherry blossom' lotion on her. I guess I must smell like that on the way to church because that's how she described it..."that's the smell I smell on Sundays in the car." Funny!
Here is Gracie waiting to be picked up for her date.

Chris wasn't sure where to take her. She wanted to go to a museum that she loves but he's already tentatively planning to take the girls there next weekend when I go away for a weekend. She always wants to go to Fatz after church on Sundays. We rarely go because honestly it's kind of expensive and isn't as good as it costs! However, since this was a special date, he decided to surprise her by taking her there for dinner. After dinner they went to Target and she spent some money she's been saving. They also went & played Arcade games at the Putt Putt place. (too cold to play Putt Putt! brrr) Gracie won some Smarties and brought some home to share with me!

Katie and I hung out here at the house. We worked on her Dora puzzle, had grilled cheese for dinner and watched "Little House." She also took a bubble bath and we played her Leap Pad. Now the girls are going to watch the Barbie movie she bought at Target with her saved money.
She told Chris it was the best date she's ever been on!
Here Gracie is showing off her rings. The silver ring was given to her at her baby shower when she was just over 2 weeks old. The gold ring is one that I don't think I've ever allowed her to wear on her finger. She used to wear it on a chain but the chain broke recently. This ring is my grandmother's baby ring! I am under extreme stress from my mother not to lose it! I decided for this special date she could wear it....and she came home with it still on which she very proudly told me (because I put her under extreme stress not to lose it!!!!) It was still a little big even on that finger so I'm not sure when my grandmother actually wore it!
After school, Gracie had a playdate with her good friend, Hunter. His mommy told me they rode skateboards and scooters-that's a sight I'd like to see! They also played 'Dance Dance Revolution' (Chris said she tried it at the arcade tonight too!) where you watch it on the television and have to step on the right things at the right time. I hear it's quite a workout....she had pictures and they were funny. Gracie's dancing kind of reminds us of Elaine on Seinfeld! HA! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dear Lord,

Thank you for Chris who loves spending time with his girls. As Gracie & Katie grow older, please let them remember how blessed they are to have him as their daddy. Please help Chris & I to be the kind of parents you want us to be and to raise them the way You want us to.

In Jesus' Name,



jettybetty said...

YAY Chris--not only are these *dates* extremely fun--I think they will pay huge dividends in shaping Gracie's beliefs/feelings/ideals for men she chooses to be a part of her life!

Erica said...

So sweet!! I love it when a Daddy takes such a wonderful interest in his daughter. She will cheerish these memories forever:) we are so blessed!