Monday, February 05, 2007

like mother, like daughter

As I walked into the dining room this morning, I saw Gracie reading while she was eating breakfast. It definitely brought a smile to my face; that is so much like me! I'll always remember my mom telling the story of me cleaning the toilet with one hand and holding a book reading in the other. When I would get in trouble, Mom & Dad would tell me I couldn't read. I hated that!

Gracie has been reading "Black Beauty." One of her friends gave it to her for her birthday in July. The other day, she said, "He sure was smart to get me a horse one." Horses are her latest "thing" so she's loving the book!


elizabeth said...

She sounds a lot like me too! Matthew loves reading as well. It thrills my soul!

Karen said...

I still read while I eat, even if it's only the morning paper... it's probably my best form of multitasking! :)