Saturday, February 03, 2007

using the Book It "certicifate"

Here is a picture of the girls doing one of their favorite things: playing in their kitchen!
*Wednesday~Chris missed work Tuesday & Wednesday due to being sick. He's better now. Gracie invited a friend to come to Bible Class with her Wednesday night so off the 2 girls & I & Gracie's friend went to church. It was pretty cold! Before church, I went and picked up some really good chili at Atlanta Bread Company. It was sooooo good!
*Thursday~Gracie had a 3 hour delay for school. The threat of ice caused the delay and it was very nice to sleep in! We actually had mainly just a yucky weather day; no real ice so I guess we didn't really need the delay but I suppose the night before they weren't sure and had to make a decision. Some areas near here did cancel the whole day and actually had some "real" weather. I'm so glad her school district seems to make their decisions early on. I knew before we even went to church Wednesday night about the delay. I read about Malia getting a call at 5:30 am(?) from Sweetpea's school district. She slept through the call and saw it on her answering machine. I don't know that I would have slept through a call and it would have scared me!
Katie & I did go to Wal Mart that morning, getting quite wet & cold in the process! I made 'white chicken chili' for that night; it was pretty good!
*Friday~Chris took Gracie to school so I got to sleep in yet again (one of my favorite things to do!) He was off this Friday but actually had to go in to do something. He at least had a short day. Katie & I pretty much hung around the house until time to go get Gracie from school. That night, we went to a friend's house for a little bit. After we left, we went to TJ Maxx, Ross & Wal Mart. Big night out, huh?!?! At TJ Maxx, we saw Mrs. Hooks who was the full time aide for Gracie's Kindergarten class last year. I see her usually at least once a week when I'm at the school but it's always kind of "fun" to see teachers outside of school. We stood & talked to her for a long time. I will always have such fond thoughts of her! I just truly think she is a wonderful lady & I'm grateful for the time Gracie got to spend with her last year!
We spent the rest of the night just hanging out together at home. We got Gracie's "American Girl" doll ready to go on a playdate with her this morning. "American Girl" is in quotes because it's really an "Our Generation" doll from Target! Gracie & Kathryn were in the same class last year at school but she doesn't go to Gracie's school anymore. We happened to see them at the library last week and they quickly decided they wanted to have a playdate. Today was the day and Gracie has been so excited! In the few minutes we talked at the library, it came up that Kathryn had an American Girl doll and they asked if Gracie had one. I explained that she had 2 of the "Target versions" of one that would work just fine for the playdate. Of course, later I had to listen to Gracie asking why she didn't have a real American Girl doll. I was quick to explain that the one she has is almost just like the real one. She questioned a little more but then kind of left it alone. I think she knew she wasn't going to win out and get a real one. She knows her Mommy is a bargain shopper!
Saturday~I took Gracie, Robyn (her doll), and more than 1 change of clothes for Robyn to Kathryn's house. As I left, they had both run upstairs happy as could be. When I went to pick her up, I had to wait for Molly & Robyn to switch clothes! Even Kathryn's mom had to admit that Robyn & Molly looked almost just alike although I do think Molly had prettier hair. For the price difference, I can handle having doll's hair that's a little more rough!
When we picked up Gracie, we went to look at having a print framed for Chris that I'd bought him for Christmas. Framing things cost so much; it's depressing! We placed the order but I may end up cancelling it and going to another place that will do it for less. I'm not sure yet.
The girls & I ended up napping this afternoon while Chris forced himself to stay awake. He took a nap yesterday and stayed up until 3 this morning! Such a curse he has! Tonight, we went to Pizza Hut and Gracie was able to use her Book-It "certicifate."
I finished reading "The Memory Keeper's Daughter" awhile back. Now, I've started reading Rekindled by Tamera Alexander. My mom & dad gave me this book and also a 2nd book, Revealed, for Christmas. The author went to GAC which is neat. I've just started Rekindled and already I'm really enjoying it.
This next weekend, my husband is taking me on an overnight date. I'm so excited! We're going to eat at The Melting Pot and stay overnight~sans kids! One of my very nice friends will keep both girls for us~how fun for us!


jettybetty said...

You must be getting an early Valentine's treat next weekend!!! Sounds fun!

Malia said...

It was quite unusual for me to not hear the telephone. I think it's because I've been sleeping with a humidifier right beside my bed, it must of drowned out the sound (thank goodness!). I really don't understand why our county closes so easily. A two-hour delay would have been just fine on Friday. The only thing I can come up with is that is was still "snowing" when the decision was made and they didn't know how much we would get. It was still very nice to have the day off, though!

All of Sweetpea's American Girl doll things come from David's parents. She currently only has Bitty Baby + parenphenalia, but word is she's getting her "real" doll for her birthday. If was up to me to do the purchasing...Target sounds just fine! ;)

For my birthday, David arranged for the kids to spend the weekend with his parents and he cooked me a fabulous dinner! We've done the overnight thing away from home too, but it was very nice to just be at home together as well...and cheaper!