Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The attack of the princess lamp!

I put in my contacts today!

Chris took both girls to the doctor this morning. Katie ended up having more of the *ahem* potty issues, so he took her along with Gracie. Of course, you know what they said......."it's probably viral." I really didn't expect anything different to be said, but it always makes me feel better to have them checked out. They didn't actually get to see our regular doctor because he was out, but honestly they like this other doctor that they saw better. He has always had a better rapport with the girls. I don't think they'll let us switch to another doctor within the same practice so I guess we'll stick with the other one-which is fine-but we're never too disappointed if we "have" to see the other one. We just have to ride out the virus. Poor things. Katie acts like she feels fine, but when she needs to go she really needs to go! Gracie is just kind of puny. Hopefully it'll all go through their systems soon. No pun intended! Good news: my almost 7 year old is almost 40 lbs! 39.1! We've been looking forward to the 40 lb. day! Here they are smiling despite having a virus. They really are sweet sisters!

I am feeling much better today! Like I said above, I even put in my contacts! No makeup yet, but I put on ironed clothes & made up the bed too so things are looking up! I was thinking maybe I could go to church tonight and let Chris stay home with the girls, but alas he has a meeting before and after church and is supposed to lead part of the service too. So, I will stay home again. He said when he got home from work I could head out for about an hour before he needs to leave so I will probably hit Target. It's been way too long! LOL I am so hoping the girls will be better by Sunday so we can get out!

Here's a funny Katie story: Like I said yesterday, I am supposed to write a letter for Mrs. Stauffer and she should be coming to pick it up tomorrow. The girls were helping me put clean sheets on their beds and I said something to Katie about her "princess lamp." I asked if we could put it back in her room. She didn't think this was a good idea. You see, she is afraid of her princess lamp. It has different settings. You can turn it on and the princesses glow like a nightlight or you can turn it so that the actual lightbulb and the princesses are on and I think you can turn it so just the lightbulb is on but not the princesses. She asked Chris one time, "what if the princesses come out to get me?" He assured her that they wouldn't. She then asked, "what if I pretend they do?" He said, "Well...I can't argue with that!"

I had to actually take the lamp out of her room the other day because she was scared of it. Chris then switched her lamp with Gracie's lamp. The problem is that Katie's room is pink & green. Gracie's room is red. The lamps don't match in the other rooms. I asked about moving her princess lamp back to her room and I mentioned that if Mrs. Stauffer wanted to see their bedrooms, the lamps wouldn't match. Katie didn't really care if Mrs. Stauffer saw lamps that matched their rooms or not. She thought putting the princess lamp in the den was a good idea!

Gracie sometimes uses the funniest "proper." When we were talking about all of this, she said something like, "If Mrs. Stauffer is going to see my room, we'd better tidy it up a little." tidy it up?!?!? I don't talk like that and Chris sure doesn't! Last night we were watching "Facing the Giants" together. I think it was after the scene where the doctor told him that they couldn't have a baby that she said something like, "Why can't they have a child?" a child?!? I would have just said, "a baby." It just sounds so prim & proper. Maybe from all the reading she does. They say children get a lot of their vocabulary that way and she has been reading the "American Girls" series where I imagine that type of vocabulary is used. If Katie had made a comment about the movie at Gracie's age, she probably would have just said, "Why can't they have no kid?!?!" LOL

Another funny Katie thing right now is that her new favorite lunch is peanut butter & jelly cracker sandwiches. Peanut butter & jelly on saltine crackers! I think I offered it to her once because we were out of bread and now she prefers it over bread. Just a little quirky thing I want to remember about her!

Baby Caroline's surgery is scheduled for July 25th. Please keep them in your prayers! She updates her website regularly if you'd like to keep up to date on what all is going on.


Miss Hope said...

I think I gave birth to a Hulk. He's three and weighs 39 lbs.

You got some dainty girls there, Jacinda!

Glad to see you guys are feeling better. Been checking in over here to see!

janjanmom said...

I love that you worry about your lamps not matching.

I am glad you are feeling better.