Friday, July 20, 2007

Why you say thank you for THAT?!??!

recent quotes from Katie:

"Why you say thank you for poo poos?"

"I can't stop laughing!"

"No, that's not right. It's Reese & Bailey!"

Let me explain these quotes.
My girls are still struggling with tummy issues. They generally feel good and Chris & I have been thinking that they're not really sick but just having a hard time getting their systems back to normal. Anyway, sorry if that's all TMI but it helps the story make more sense.
When they were going to bed tonight, I was holding Gracie and asking her how her tummy felt and she said better. I hugged her and said I wanted it to be all better soon. She said, "It will soon I think." I'm glad she is positive about it! I said a prayer for them and concentrated a lot of praying for both of their tummies and mentioning what a fun week Gracie has planned for next week (art camp + her birthday sleepover party). I prayed that God would help their tummies & their poo poos to be better soon. When I finished praying Katie looked at me and asked, "Why you say thank you for poo poos?" Gracie & I had a good laugh over that one! I explained to Katie that I hadn't said thank you for them but had asked God to help them be better. It was so funny!
We went to the circus tonight. The 'Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey' circus was nearby and we'd really wanted to go. I had looked into buying tickets but had just this week decided not to go after balancing our checkbook. *sniff sniff* I was actually proud of us for making the choice not to go since sometimes we overstretch ourselves a bit but we really didn't need to spend the money on the tickets. With Gracie's birthday next week we needed to spend money on other things.
Yesterday Chris called me from work and said, "You won't believe what just happened!" A guy he works with had offered him 4 FREE tickets to the circus! We were so excited! We all enjoyed it although I was a little sad about the lack of big animals. There was an act with horses which was actually quite good and an act with some dogs. Those were the only animal acts. There was an elephant, but it was too big to come into the building-too funny! He (or she?) was set up outside where people could go look at him aftewards, but that's not really quite the same thing. We did have a good time though. I have to admit (for the sake of recording what my children are really like) that both of my girls-and especially Katie-probably laughed the most at the clown whose main source of humor was making "tooting" sounds. He also had an act with a fake baby who burped a lot and "peed" on the clown. Yes, my sweet 3 year old girl laughed & laughed at this! At one point she looked at me & Gracie and said, "I can't stop laughing!" It was so cute the way she said it! I kept trying to take a picture of her but it was too dark to come out well.
I blame their daddy for the fact that they think tooting sounds are so funny!
On a side note: there is a sweet couple at church-Mr. Malcolm & Miss Julee-who have taken quite a liking to our girls-especially Katie. They love her even when she snubs them-she's quite moody sometimes so that can be often. She really does love them both but she has an especially soft spot in her heart for Mr. Malcolm. He called Chris at work yesterday and asked if he & Julee could take the girls to the circus last night. I thought that was so sweet!!!!! We already had plans to go spend time with our friends who are moving + we had tickets for tonight so they didn't go but I thought it was so nice of them to offer!
When we were leaving I was asking Chris if it was "Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey" or Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey." Katie said "No. That's not right" very emphatically. I was amused that she seemed to think she knew the answer, so I questioned her as to which it was was. She said it was "Reese & Bailey." She has some friends who are sisters and those are their names. I thought that was so funny!
On a more somber note, my friend Alissa is leaving town tomorrow for a new adventure in her family's life. A group of us went out to dinner last night and helped them with some of their packing. It doesn't seem quite real yet that she won't be at playgroup each week. I feel certain that God is pleased with their decision to serve Him through this new job and I pray that they will be happy. I'm thankful for blogs, email & phone calls! Here is Gracie with 2 of her children, Aidan & Alora. Here is her other precious little girl, Aralyn. She was drawing and had done a really good job of a face for a 2 year old. I made the "mistake" of expressing my delight in her artwork. For quite awhile after that, I heard "Wook! Wook!" as she pointed at many other faces she had drawn. She wouldn't stop saying "Wook!" until I acknowledged that I had indeed "wooked!" So cute!
Baby Caroline's surgery is this next Wednesday. PLEASE say a prayer for this sweet baby and her family. I know her mommy, Wanda, would appreciate a note of support if you have the time to check out her CaringBridge site.

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Julie said...

Surprise! I came across your blog and thought I'd say hello. Your girls are getting so big!! We've got alot going on, too, so I've started a blog myself.
Love ya'll and loved catching up through your blog! Big hello to Chris!