Monday, July 23, 2007

She walked on the wild side!

Gracie started art camp today and LOVED it! She was very expressive in telling me what they did and just really seemed to have a great time! I'm so happy and hope she'll enjoy the rest of the week as well.
I took both girls back to the doctor this morning based on the fact that it's been 2 weeks since things have been completely normal for them when they go potty. I won't go into all the details but the doctor said he didn't think it was contagious and Gracie could still go to art camp and have her birthday party. He seems to think maybe it's dietary and to cut out their sugar. I don't know that he meant that he thought they were both all of a sudden allergic to something but maybe just meant that their little tummies were still sensitive from having a virus awhile back and they needed bland things for awhile more. I'm really not sure.

He did have me take a "sample" (lovely!) to the lab to check for some things which I did around 9:00 tonight. At least he only had me take Gracie's. I guess he figures if anything tests positive for Gracie then Katie has it too, and if it tests negative for Gracie then Katie doesn't have it either.

If you have a minute, please send up a prayer for them. They feel GREAT and have been eating GREAT. They just need a little help with their tummies and "output." It's stressful to me to not know what is going on but know something isn't quite right and have it last so long. I am thankful that they feel good and the doctor did give me at least a moment's peace of mind when he said Gracie could follow through with her plans for this week. I'm just praying that the tests don't reveal something that makes him change his mind!

When checking on the girls before I went to bed, I found them sleeping together so sweetly. I couldn't resist taking a picture to forever record this moment. I love the way Katie has her arm around Gracie. I'm surprised the flash didn't wake them up!

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Jenna said...

Have you tried Lactinex? You buy the powder version at the pharmacy (you have to ask the pharmacist for it because they have to keep it cold), make sure you get the powder version. You just put it in their milk or juice (it doesn't mix well in juice) a few times a day. Sometimes I would mix it in yogurt for them. It works WONDERS and is perfectly safe for children. We have had the lingering bugs before and this finally did the trick! Sometimes their systems have a hard time getting back to normal even after the virus is gone. Acidophulus (I think I misspelled that) is another option but I have found that the Lactinex works much better.