Saturday, July 14, 2007

My 3 year old is braver than my almost 7 year old!

Yesterday, Chris said he was going to mow the front yard and that he wanted to take the girls on a "date" later. Fine by me-I went to run errands. One of those included going to the library where I saw that they were having a free showing of "The Last Mimzy" at 2:00. I called Chris to let him know and he said he might take the girls to it. They went to Moe's to eat then headed to the library to watch the movie together. I wasn't sure how Katie would do since she can be quite wiggly during a movie but it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere so I hoped she would do okay. Well, they ended up leaving early but not because of Katie. While Katie said the movie was funny, Gracie apparently thought it was scary. Yes, my 3 year old thought it was funny while my almost 7 year old thought it was scary. Oh well!

While I was at the library, I checked out "Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit." We all relaxed during the afternoon and ended up eating a rather late dinner then we all sat down to watch. After Gracie's experience with the other movie, I wasn't sure if she'd survive this one, but she did great with it. It's a strange-but cute-movie. Chris left a little early to meet a few friends to go out to the movies.

When I was out yesterday, I also went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a new 'Scribble Pad' and pad of construction paper for the girls. They each got their own along with a pack of computer paper to share. You would have thought I'd given them gold! They have been cutting & gluing and creating ever since! I LOVE the Dollar Tree!!!!!

I'm about to take Gracie back out to the mall to try on a few things I saw on sale yesterday. The GAP was having a good sale as was Penney's. Maybe I can get her some things for school. She'll be able to wear the Spring/Summer things for a long time still since it won't get cool here for quite awhile.

The girls' tummies are doing better although still not perfect. Chris has arranged it so that I can go to church tomorrow and he'll stay home with them if he needs to. Things are looking up for Gracie and Katie is getting there so hopefully we'll all be able to just depends on how the rest of the day goes. Viruses are so strange!

Speaking of strange: this is how I found the girls yesterday with one of their art boxes. Gracie was bringing it to me to organize since they had their new paper pads to put in. Why in the world they both had on winter hats is beyond me! I'm just happy that they felt like being silly and have such fun together!


MDM said...

they remind me so much of my girls together! They too think a little paper, scissors, and glue is pure happiness. Glad you guys are all starting to feel better. I am dealing with that tummy virus lately. SICK OF IT!! Wish our girls could play together!

Alissa said...

Love the cute!
My kids loved the Last Mimzy, I can see where it might have seemed scary, but it did end cute and was not really what I was aliens. Anyway, maybe you can try to let Katie finish the funny movie sometime when Gracie doesn't find it so scary! That sounds so typical of them, silly girls.

Deana Nall said...

Julia loves ordering an "Ugly Naked Guy" at Moe's.