Sunday, September 30, 2007

Daddy with his girls on a Sunday during football season!

We may not live in Texas, but Chris hasn't lost any of his love for his Cowboys! Katie is quite proficient at saying, "Touchdown Romo!"
You may notice: Gracie has a new hole in her mouth-lost tooth #3!


Jenna said...

The Cowboys are looking great this year!!! A lot more fun than the last few years!

Miss Hope said...

My hubby has already been online trying to find matching jerseys for him and boy...along the lines of the vikings. I just tune him out. :)

Bkbron said...

Hey Jacinda!! GO COWBOYS!!! We took the boys to a game a while back; they absolutely LOVED it!! Okay, well . . . I guess I need to get my blog up and going soon, huh? Later ~ Krista =)