Wednesday, September 05, 2007

the Storm!

Look close....can you see her?

Gracie's 1st soccer game with her new team, the "Storm," was tonight! She played so hard and gave it her all. I was really proud of her! She's not the most aggressive nor the quickest nor the most observant in the game, but she tries and has fun doing it!
We had to leave the game a little early to get to church, but there is only 1 other game on a Wednesday at this same time so that's good. There are other games on Wednesdays but they're the earlier game so it won't be an issue. Here she is doing her pre-game stretches.


MB said...

LOVE her uniform colors!!!! she is so cute!

Kimberly said...

Go Gracie!
I gotta admit she seems too sweet to be much of a threat to her opponents! But maybe shes a different girl on the field?
Regardless she looks like she had a blast!