Monday, April 21, 2008

first day!

Chris & Gracie after arriving home on their 'first day!'

I'd like to post about all that's been going on, but I am soooo tired, SO this will be a short post. Today was Chris's first day at his new job and Gracie's first day at her new school. Both of them had a GREAT day! *whew* I was so nervous for Gracie, but she came home LOVING her new school! Yea Gracie!!!!! I KNEW deep down she would do great, but I still felt bad putting her through this transition. Sad thing is that since we're in an apartment, we'll likely be putting her through at least one more school change before we get settled into a house, but we'll just have to trust God to get us through that.
Chris also had a good day. Since he'd heard such horror stories about the traffic, he left WAY early this morning and ended up getting to work WAY early! This afternoon's traffic was not so good as this morning, but he tried running an errand and got lost so he ended up not completing the errand and taking awhile to get home. He was still home by 6:00 though, so that's not so bad.
We finally got wireless internet service at our apartment but still have some email kinks to work out. UGH We really like our apartment, have had dinner with some new friends, visited one church, and found more than 1 Target. Things are slowly getting unpacked. More later.........Please pray that our house sells soon!
Katie wanted to do a "funny face" picture, so here it is!


Jenna said...

Glad you are settling in. How is apartment living? How are you feeling? It must be so hard to have all of this transition when you are pregnant. How wonderful that Gracie is already enjoying her new school! I am sure it was a little scary for her. I bet your house sells soon - it is the time of year when people are buying.

jettybetty said...

I am so thankful things are going well! God is good!

MB said...

i miss my girls! i thank God that things have gone smoothly for ya'll!

love ya!

janjanmom said...

I am soooo glad everyone had a good first day!!

I hope you did as well.

TMK said...

Great! I hope all keeps going so well. How are you and the baby doing?

SG said...

I have been thinking about you guys and wondering what is going on all week! So glad all is well with Gracie! What a trooper! I bet her teacher was thrilled to get such a sweet girl! There will be so much for you to explore over the next few weeks while you still feel lke exploring... I coming with Rob to H town in May for another Dr appointment so I might try to give you a call. Keep us posted!

preacherman said...

Wonderful post.
I want you to know I love reading your blog.
You have a beautiful family.
I am striving to be a better father and husband.
I have a 7,5, and 2 year old.
The two year old isn't potty trained yet. Something we are working on. I cherish every minute I have with the boys because I almost died about a year or so ago from GBS. I love them more than anything. I hope it is okay if I add your blog to my favorites. You blog is inspiring and encouraging and that is what I need in my life right now.
Keep up the great blogging!
I pray that you and your family experience God's richest blessings this week.
I hope you and your family had a wonderful earth day. I think next year we are going to plant a tree one for each boy and watch it grow. Help the enviornment that way. There are many ways. I want you to know you and your husband are welcome at my blog any time.
God bless.
Always in Him,
Kinney Mabry
Peacherman! :-)
1 Tim 4:12