Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We are blessed!

Tonight our sweet "our age" friends from church threw us a going away party. Although there is an element of excitement in making this transition to Texas, there are also so many bittersweet feelings as well. Goodness. We are so blessed to have these Christian friends in our lives-along with all of their children. There were 21 adults & 20 children (and 2 on the way)-the oldest child being 12 and next youngest being 8 and all the others younger than that! Our little church of around 150 members is certainly blessed with a bright future!

They presented us with a framed picture of our house with space for people to write on the mat, a "P is for Palmetto" South Carolina alphabet book for the girls, and a wonderful gift card to Target that we plan to put towards the 'travel system' for our new little one. We also 'mysteriously' never received a bill for our dinner thanks to the generosity of our friends.

Even though I do consider myself an emotional person-especially right now-I was able to hold back the tears. I am more of a 'cry by myself' person. I know it will come though. It's inevitable. I am in a little bit of denial right now....with so much to do it's a good place to be! :-)

We'll be having a fellowship meal Sunday night after church where more good-byes will be said. Once again-we are blessed.

I also have to say that poor Katie had a rough day. She got FIVE shots at her 4 year check-up! Today was also her last day at Parent's Day Out. Here she is with her "teachers," Miss Kayleen & Miss Cindy, along with the precious picture they made her.


TMK said...

How sweet! it screams for the song, "Friends are friends forever. If the Lord's the Lord of them." You know, kinda like the last of summer camp and you have to leave the new "summer love of your life" and your new friends who live in other parts of TX, in my case!

Malia said...

It is wonderful to have such caring friends!

The Hinshaws said...

Wow! I just checked in, and I didn't realize you were moving already! You'll be in Texas before I will! May the Lord give you safe travels, a smooth transition, and welcoming new friends and neighbors...
Love, Julie