Thursday, April 10, 2008


What's going on:

*Packers have been here & gone.

*They will be back tomorrow to finish packing & to load the truck.

*Spent time packing suitcases and figuring out which things we didn't want loaded into the truck.

*Had to hold on tight so I wouldn't pass out when the plumber told me how much his repairs were going to cost!!!!!!!!!

*Have been very happy to receive our first official 'non family' dinner invitation for when we get to Houston! Chris's cousin has made it clear that we're welcome to visit them when we get there, but this invitation came from some new "friends" we've made. She is the niece to a lady we go to church with here in SC who has gone out of her way to help us as we make this transition and she invited us to dinner that first Saturday we'll be in town. Isn't the Christian bond wonderful?!?

*Chris got the fun job of going into the attic to drag down all the stuff we haven't looked at in years. Some of it will be moved to Houston, some of it met the trash can. After all, if we haven't missed it in the 6 years we've lived in the house, we probably don't need it, right?

*A great friend took the girls today for about 9 hours! I know the girls had lots more fun going to playgroup, playing at LA's house, and going to LA's softball practice than they would have had here with me watching the packers pack!

*Texted a prayer warrior friend when I started getting really stressed. She called back a little later and left the most wonderful prayer on my voicemail. It was so full of petitions to God for peace & help and all sorts of things that needed to be said. I love having her as a friend-and I love that we've been friends for over 20 years!

*Chris had to go to the bank because we had a suspicious check clear out of our account. It was a check number that was way off from the check numbers we're currently using. Apparently, the teller had cleared the check out of our account, but it was written on a completely different account! Thank goodness it was only for $12. What if it had been for a large amount?!? Goes to show how important it is to keep an eye on what's clearing out of your checking account!

*Another sweet friend brought by dinner for us-such a help!

*I had a prenatal massage which was really nice! Chris had gotten me a gift certificate for Valentine's Day and I didn't want to leave town without using it!

*Loved watching American Idol and hearing them sing, "Shout to the Lord!" Awesome!

*The girls (mainly Katie) were a little concerned about where all their toys were when they got home. To distract them a little, I 'stole' an idea from a friend and we played hide & seek! Since there were so many boxes in the house and it was getting dark, we turned off the lights (as many as Katie would let us) and played in the dark.

*Trying to finish up the laundry and will begin sorting through all the things we didn't allow to be packed and see if all of it will fit in the van!

*We will spend the weekend with some gracious friends who offered to let us stay with them until we pull out of town Monday or Tuesday.

Here are some pictures from our hide & seek game:

Apparently, people who work for moving companies don't have to pass spelling tests. Notice this box came from the "purpule room." I also saw a box that was full of "Tuppaware." *sheesh*


SG said...

Let me know if you are coming in our area any time soon! :)

That Girl said...

As the song says, "You're gonna miss this."

TMK said...

I thought you let the girls write on the boxes! so funny. when we moved, the packers packed a live plant in a box. needless to say, it didn't survive the move. doofus.

Miss Hope said...

Hi!!! I got a new computer and lost all my favorites....your blog included. Took me a while, but I found you again! Wow. I had to read a while to try and catch up some. You're moving! And having another girl! I'm just blown away by all you and your family are doing in such a short time.

Know that I will definately be praying for safe travels and that you all settle in nicely things go smoothly.

Can't wait to see how it all turns out. I'll be back....I've got the page saved now.

Kristen said...

Wondering how things are going...keep us posted!