Friday, April 04, 2008

two big things done!

Chris flew into Houston yesterday and met with his new boss & co-workers and got to see his new workspace. He said he felt very welcomed by everyone. I sure am glad because how horrible if he'd left with a bad feeling, right?!? He spent time in the Galleria mall which is somewhat near his new office-he thinks I'll like that! I'm excited that I'll now have an opportunity to meet him for lunch sometimes. His current work situation is behind a "secure" gate, so I've never been there.

Today, he has spent a large majority of his day driving around & looking into the 3 schools & apartments that I had narrowed it down to. He liked all of the schools but was unimpressed with one of the apartments (just from driving by) so that was a good way to eliminate that one. He really liked the 2nd apartments but they were quite a bit more expensive than the others we'd seen online. He liked the area a lot though. He drove to the other area, which was a completely different part of the city, and checked out that school & apartment complex. He said the lady at the school was probably the friendliest of the 3 schools & he liked it, and the apartments are very nice & pretty new & less expensive & they have a garage which will help with storage!!!!! One problem we've run into is the lease time. It is running into next school year which I didn't want it to do, BUT there may be a way to break it. Even so, this particular apartment is actually larger than our current house (which isn't big but isn't like a matchbox either) so we won't be anymore cramped there than we are here! We gotta do what we gotta do! So.....he has gone to the bank to get some cash and is going back to make a deposit which means we also know which school Gracie will be going to in a couple of weeks, too! *whew* Thank you, God!

As much as part of me is glad I'm home with the girls, getting to go to Gracie's awards day and Spring Party, there's a part of me that wishes I was there with him. He tends to not have as critical of an eye as I do-especially when it comes to schools. But then again......that could be a good thing because he's been able to choose one easier than I would and won't stress about it as much. We have talked to each other about a gabillion times so it's not like I haven't had a say, but he is the one there able to make an ultimate decision. It's good to have this part done!

Yesterday, the girls & I met Mrs. Hooks at McDonald's after school. I've spoken many times about how much I like her, so it was nice to spend some time with her visiting before we leave.

This morning was Gracie's awards day for the last 9 weeks. Since it started at 7:45, Katie & I just walked Gracie in. On the way in, we passed by Coach who has morning car line duty. I had tried to send him an email earlier in the week but didn't have the right address, so I was glad to get the chance to talk to him and take a 'last' picture of him with Gracie. My parents still tease me about having a crush on one of my first P.E. teachers, and we do the same with Gracie! He makes Gracie feel special, and we appreciate that. I realize the sweater with sandals may be an odd look, but it's supposed to be 80 today. However, apparently today doesn't mean this morning because it's coooold! She has on a real cute little dress but had to cover it up with the sweater-oh well!

At the awards ceremony, Gracie received recognition for all A's, A in conduct, and meeting her A.R. goal. Good job, Gracie! I didn't get good pictures of her standing during the event, but I thought this one was cute. I especially like seeing "C' in the background-trying to poke his head into the picture (boy to the left)-because he is 'special' to Gracie. She has quite the crush on him, and I think he may have a little crush on her too! She told me the other day that he said he was going to miss her when she moved and then another time he said he liked her new glasses. (Do you notice them-they're red! They are a little crooked though, so we need to have them adjusted.) Don't worry-we have the "you're too young to have a boyfriend but it's okay to think he's nice and to think he's cute" talk a lot! He really is a cutie & a sweetie!
This afternoon I went back to the school for Gracie's Spring Party. Here are a couple of cute pictures from the event.
Even though Gracie will be at school one more day, it kind of felt like her last day of school because there was a party. I wasn't sure I'd be able to take a lot of pictures that last day so I made the rounds today. Here she is with Miss Stack (now Mrs. Powell) from Kindergarten, Mrs. Stauffer from 1st grade, and of course, Mrs. Zimmerman from 2nd grade. They all will have special places in our hearts!
In just a little bit begins the much-looked-forward-to "2 night sleepover" between Gracie & LA! They have been planning this forever!!!!!!!!!


SG said...

So e-mail me and tell me where you guys will be! :) My friend HH may e-mail you. She is a life long Houstonian and I thought you might want to make a new friend!

MDM said...

Good for you!!! What a relief to know where you are going for sure!! This is fun looking forward to all your new details as you write them!!

Rebekka said...

Hi, again, Jacinda and family! I hope your adjustment to H-town goes even better than expected -- I enjoy it here!!!
My e-mail is in our college's alumni on-line directory (I think - I'll check it now).

Lara said...

So....are you going to be my neighbor?? I hope so!! Email me and let me know when y'all will be arriving in H town and where you all decided to rent.


Lisa said...

Glad all is working out! Fun pics too! I just scrolled way down and have to say I LOVE that one of your little one with the spiderman hat and stick! TOO CUTE!

Also, what a neat going away gift! I love that pic of your house in a frame! Very thoughtful!

Kristen said...

I know you are feeling better just having some more solid things in place! I am so curious to hear where you are living. We go to Houston several times a year to visit with Kevin's family that lives there. Maybe we can meet in person sometime now! ;)