Friday, March 28, 2008

smooth transition

Life goes on & on & on. Always something to think about these days. Here are some highlights from our moving plans:

*called 16 elementary schools in 3 different districts (all 'exemplary' schools or 'recognized' & highly recommended) to see if they had apartments zoned for them. Out of those 16, only 7 of them had apartments in their zone! I then emailed the 2 girls I've been chatting back & forth with who live in the Houston area and got their opinions on the schools and apartments and have FINALLY narrowed it down to 3 specific schools & apartments that Chris can choose from when ho goes out there next week. 2 are in 1 district & basic area of the city while the other school is in a totally different suburb of the city. It's like someone said, "It's probably like 6 one way-1/2 dozen another" which is true. Everyone thinks their area is the "best" area-which is great-and I hope whichever area we choose will end up being as loved by us as well! The 'good' thing is whatever area we choose for the rest of this school year can be temporary since as soon as we sell our house here (please!!!!!) we can look to buy something and if we want to change schools and/or areas, we can! And yes, that means 2 moves but I don't see much other way since I can't imagine permanently deciding on an area so quickly-not to mention we need to sell our house here first to have a down payment.

*We have had a couple people call and/or look at the house but no offers yet. We will be looking at listing with a realtor soon; we've talked to one but haven't signed anything yet.

*Chris got a call/email from his 'relocation advisor' or whatever you want to call her, so things are starting to get rolling now. I'm sure the movers will be scheduled soon. 3 weeks from yesterday.........we'll probably be in Houston! Sooo hard to believe.

*The baby is doing well. Kicking at the laptop as I write this post! I will get to see my doctor one more time before I leave and will have my glucose test & rhogam(?) shot. Ugh! I am in the process of trying to find a new doctor.

*So much to do! Please pray for peace & a smooth transition. Stress is something that gets to me a lot. I tend to react by eating & spending money. Not necessarily good!

Below are some pictures of Gracie with "Miss Diana," her violin instructor at her last lesson. Chris picked her up that day and he said he thought Miss Diana was going to cry. Very sweet. She really encouraged us to keep Gracie in violin lessons. She talked about how it's been hard on her to move before but having her music meant she could always find friends. I do hope we can find a good violin instructor for Gracie so she can pursue this interest of hers. I had to include the 2nd picture because of Katie's head in the bottom! That girl just can't stand still!


MB said...

i dont know if i will be able to read your blog till after you leave. heck i might not be able to read it after you are gone!!!!

love ya babe!!!

jettybetty said...

You have a lot going on! Your plans sounds great though. I am praying....

Kimberly said...

Big exciting times lie ahead for you! I know if anyone can handle it gracefully it will be you!

Krista said...

Hey girl! I've got to call you . . . hopefully, sometime today! I've got more good info for you! =)

Meredith said...

Praying for a smooth transition from a fellow ACU alum.