Wednesday, March 05, 2008


updated with a couple more things Thursday morning

If God said it, I want to believe it. If God gives it, I want to receive it. If God shows it, I want to perceive it. If Satan stole it, I want to retrieve it.
~Beth Moore, Believing God p. 41

"Godstops"-the glimpses we catch of God at work

stop-"savoring the observable presence."

I saw a "Godstop" today when there were five of us at our prayer group! I hadn't seen the lady drive up who was here for the 1st time, so when she walked in the den I was surprised-but pleasantly so! Her prayer was so great, too. I mean, all of the prayers are, but she had such a conversational tone to her prayer and said so many things that needed to be said. I found myself tearing up a little and saw that she had, too. I am so blessed to know all of these ladies-and in this context. Thanks be to God for blessing all of us to have this prayer time together for our children, their classmates, their school, their teachers & administrators, the new principal coming in next year, and even those "troubled" children. I loved when one of the ladies prayed that we will see those "bad" (could be perceived as that) children through GOD'S eyes. Such a reminder that God loves all of the children in the world! Another lady prayed for all the parents to do their job and prayed thankfulness that even when we're not with our children, we know that GOD is! Yet another lady prayed for wisdom and another one reminded us in her prayer that not only should we be there to ask God for things but to lift him up! This group is becoming a true encouragement to me and I thank God for blessing us with it.
Heard tonight in Katie's prayer at dinnertime: ".......don't let everyone be sick, only a couple." hA!
Katie Boo's birthday is coming up! *sniff sniff* I can hardly believe she's going to be 4!!!!!!! Her party will be Saturday and will have a 'Little Einstein' theme. A friend took these pictures today that I'm going to try to use on her cake. We'll see how it turns out. Poor thing......I feel like her birthday isn't getting as much attention as Gracie's did at that age. I guess it's the whole "2nd child" thing + me being pregnant. Excuses, excuses I know!
Baby Girl Shanks #3 is doing well! Moving all over the place and all that fun stuff. She is making her presence known more & more through my appearance if you know what I mean! In other words, I feel like I'm getting bigger by the day! I told Chris I have to go this weekend and get some church things for Spring/Summer. I'm hoping to find some things that won't cost me an arm & a leg. I've been blessed to be loaned some clothes which has been great.

I've been buying some things for the little one, too. (I think we're almost sure about a name......) I apparently really thought we were done and had gotten rid of a lot of things up to about 2 years old, so I'm "having" to buy some new things which isn't such a bad thing-it's fun to buy baby clothes! Once she gets to be about 2, she has tons! I guess I went through a phase where I was ready to get rid of stuff since I really didn't think we were going to have more children but I did it all when Katie was 2 or before she was 2 b/c starting at 2 I still have lots of stuff. Anyway.......
Playgroup tomorrow for Katie & myself. I love having this time to spend with friends. Katie is going through quite a "tattle tale" phase though. I mean, I understand that some things she tattles on are things that shouldn't happen, BUT we're trying to explain to her that some things aren't "tattle worthy" and to just deal with it and go on to something else. Hard lesson to teach.

You may not can see it too well in this picture, but Katie has a mark from a band-aid she just had to have on her forehead last night. She knew I'd been asking Gracie about her headache (see below) and then she also knew that Gracie's knee had started bleeding which meant she needed a band-aid. Well, Katie figured out pretty fast that she needed an ailment too. She told me her head "was hot" and she needed a wash cloth for it. (I'll do that for Gracie sometimes when she's sick.) So, Gracie fixed her up a wash cloth and she put that on her forehead. Then, she informed me that it was dripping and she now needed a band-aid! On her forehead! Because it was hot! Okay.......So, I figured why not? She's only 3 (for a few more days!) and what's it going to hurt so she got a band-aid and it stuck in the very middle of her forehead! She slept with it on, and she told me that if it fell off she would come tell me in the middle of the night. Yeah, thanks! So, it didn't fall off but this morning Chris took it off. OUCH! I heard her crying & crying. I went to check on her and there was this very obvious mark on her forehead!

Reminds me of the time when my brother was home from COLLEGE and stuck one of the suction cup basketball goals on his forehead. Yes, he really did that! Lipscomb was really doing a great job of educating him, huh?!?! hA! It was sooooo funny because when he took that thing off, it left the BIGGEST, REDDEST spot on his forehead-right in the middle! I think it was a Saturday too so church was the next day. I can't remember how we worked that out-if Mom & Dad let him stay home or not, but gosh-it was HILARIOUS! We all gave him the hardest time about that! Speaking of my brother, Josh Jackson (far left), check out his website-especially if you're in Nashville and need a band for an upcoming event.
I got a call from the nurse at Gracie's school today saying that she was there complaining of a headache. Poor thing suffers from these often it seems. She'll go a day or two complaining of one then she won't for a long time. She had a 99.1 temp which I don't guess they consider a real fever, so I took some Tylenol and actually ended up leaving it there for Gracie to have "on file." This way, if she complains about it again and doesn't have a fever, they have my permission to give it to her. They don't keep it on hand for just anyone, but if a parent leaves it and signs the form, etc. they can give their own meds to them. The nurse said they can't give it to her to fight a fever but can give it for something like a headache-if I've signed the form. I guess 99.3 is considered a fever. When I went to the school I didn't even see her because she'd gone to lunch but the nurse had told her to come back after lunch to get the meds if she didn't call for her first. I have GOT to get her eyes checked again but then I've said that a million times lately and say it everytime she complains about her head. I'm just wondering if her prescription needs to be changed again.


Alissa said...

Hey! Love the pictures! I can't believe Katie will be four! Alora is coming up on 5 and Aralyn is nearly 3 and that just doesn't seem right.

One of our guys was having headaches and when I took him in to the eye doctor, it was because his glasses had gotten a bit twisted. They weren't lined up correctly, and once they lined them up, they were fine. Just a thought! His perscription only changed a slight bit. Good luck finding out the cause.

jettybetty said...

I love that Beth Moore quote--thanks for reminding me.

Aaaa-God stops--I need to practice those.

I am so excited the prayer group in encouraging!

Katie Boo is four???!!!

Sorry to hear about Gracie's headaches.

Krista said...

No? Really? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll email you!!!! =)

~Deep in the Heart of TEXAS!!