Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a week & weekend! Lots going on.

Tuesday, after working a little bit at Gracie's school, Chris & I were able to enjoy a lunch/baby shower with people from his work. It was fun, and we got some cute things and gift cards to help buy things for our new little one. Gracie had violin that evening. She only has 1 lesson left here. I figured since we'll be moving mid-April and one week that we'd be here would be Spring Break that we should stop the lessons at the end of March. We're hoping to find a place for her to continue her lessons once we get to Texas.

Wednesday, I had prayer group and then some lunch plans. Gracie's ct scan was that afternoon. She was so brave and did so well. Church that evening.

Thursday, Katie & I went to playgroup. Chris was off work, so he was able to meet us & some friends for lunch. I ran some errands-sans Katie-and picked up Gracie from school after which I dropped her at home with Chris and continued running some errands. Later that afternoon, the 4 of us met some friends to see "Horton Hears a Who." It was a cute movie. We then had yet more errands to run to complete our evening. I had called for the results of her ct scan and waited about 3 hours only to receive a call from a nurse saying that they didn't have the results yet. I appreciated her calling, but I was still kinda going crazy wondering about the results. I must have opened my cell phone a million times during the movie to check on whether or not they'd left a message.

Friday, Gracie didn't have school and Chris was off work. We had a yard sale that morning which meant getting up waaaay earlier than I wanted to! (Here's a picture of my little Katie Boo in her beloved Spiderman hat!) I had Chris call the doctor's office this time to check on the results. Once again, we were told that a nurse would call us. About 20 minutes later, a nurse called with the happy news that the results were NORMAL! I was so happy! I was a little upset at the doctor though because the nurse said that she'd been gone the day before and when she got our message that morning, the doctor was standing there. She asked him about the results and he said, "Oh yeah, I'd gotten the verbal yesterday that it was normal." WHAT??!?!? After I'd worried & worried the day before waiting & waiting for them to call. He couldn't have taken 5 minutes to call me??! Anyway, the results are GOOD and that's what important.

We closed up the yard sale and headed inside to get cleaned up because we had a birthday party to attend that was about an hour away. We headed off to that and had a good time celebrating one of our friend's 7 year old birthdays at a skating party. (Here's Gracie "gracefully" falling! I just happened to catch it!) We then all ate together at a local bbq place. By this time, I was literally about to pass about I was sooooooo tired & sore. (not from skating!) My almost 35 year old body isn't really made for being pregnant and so busy! We then headed to yet another birthday party-this time for the 13 year old daughter of my good friend Mary Beth. (Look at my lovely, 'patchy' sunburn I got at the yard sale-ugh!) Katie had a blast because 13 year old girls apparently love little toddlers so she got plenty of attention! She liked playing "Dance, Dance Revolution!" After we stayed there awhile, Gracie & I dropped Chris & Katie off at home and headed to Wal Mart to get some things we needed for the rest of the weekend. Once again, I was about to wilt but you gotta do what you gotta do! Once home, the girls got to bed and Chris & I did some cooking for upcoming events.

Saturday, we had another morning of the yard sale. Thankfully, Chris handled the early, early morning stuff and a friend came over to try to sell some of their stuff so I didn't have to get out there first thing. I still got out there about 7:30 which is plenty early! Our friend's wife & children came over a little later to hang out. The kids had a good time getting dirty in the backyard and we sold quite a bit of stuff!

We closed up the yard sale and got cleaned up again-this time for our church's Easter Egg Hunt. We were late but still enjoyed the festivities. After the hunt, I went out with some girlfriends and enjoyed dinner & dessert & fellowship with them. I got home and didn't stay up much longer before I hit the bed!

This morning, of course, was Easter so we had the Easter Bunny festivities at home then headed to church. Katie recently moved up to the 4&5 year old class where she gets 'official' memory verses. We were proud of her that she was able to say her verse this morning! I only have 1 week left to teach my Sunday morning class. After teaching it since September '06, it's going to be kind of sad to give it up. I'm a creature of habit! We enjoyed church then ate with some friends then went home to crash!!!!!! I was so tired that Chris & the girls actually went to Life Group without me and left me home to rest!

We had some people come over to talk about the house tonight so I'm praying that they're really interested!!!!!!! What a blessing if we could sell it before we move!

Another school/work week starts tomorrow-hope everyone has a good one!


MDM said...

Great pictures from a fun weekend!! Love Katie Boo's bishop dress...wish mine were still little to wear them. You look great!!

Erica said...

What a pretty family you have! sounds like you are due a rest after all the activities going on this past week...not sure you will get one with all the getting ready to move stuff:) Hope that house sells quickly and we are praying for a smooth transition for you all.

TMK said...

Love the dresses! Especially Katie's!!! If I had a girl, that would be my dress of choice too. Hope your house sells quick! That would be so nice for you all. Have a great week, back to "normal"! take care~

Krista said...

Hey!! We are SO glad to hear good results on Gracie; what a blessing! Thanks for the text message . . . Bret is now day 5 post surgery (the roughest day hit yesterday) but at least he's well on his way, right?! He gets the stints removed this next Monday; I think things will be looking UP for him after that point! LOVED all of your Easter weekend pictures! You are looking good, Jacinda! June will be here before you know it! =) SO EXCITING!! Love you guys!