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Atlanta Trip December 2009/January 2010

I was going to spend a lazy "pj morning" writing a blog post about nothing in particular until I realized I never wrote about our trip to Atlanta! So, for the sake of preserving our family memories, here I go!

We left Houston Christmas Day and started our trek towards Atlanta! Since we didn't leave bright & early, we planned to spend the night somewhere along the way. We ended up stopping in Mobile which was about a 7 1/2 hour drive for us. Not too bad. The only problem we ran into was that since it was Christmas Day, just about NO fast food places were open! Not even McDonald's! Denny's, Waffle House, & IHOP were open, but we didn't want to take the time to stop & eat for that long. We finally found a Subway in a gas station open, so that was our Christmas dinner...eaten in the van. We had packed lots of snacks to bring along with us, so that served to keep us from starving! LOL

We arrived in Atlanta Saturday, the 26th in time for dinner. Mom's roast...yummy! The big girls quickly found the 'playroom' which also serves at the attic & laundry room! It is stocked with lots of our old toys. Fisher Price lasts!

Mom decorated one of the bedrooms to be a "granddaughter room." The sheets have their names embroidered on them. Once Ellie starts sleeping in a real bed, I'm not sure what we'll do because it was very crowded with the 4 big girls in there (my brother's girls came too).

Ellie enjoyed playing in Grammer's 'Tupperware' cabinet. I say Tupperware loosely because most of it is leftover butter tubs & the like! That's MY mom's version of Tupperware! LOL

The sunroom serves as a good place for Sunday morning pictures.

We were blessed that my grandmother, Bigmother, was there too!

We left Atlanta Sunday, the 27th, to go to Aiken for a couple of days (see post below) but returned to Atlanta on Tuesday, the 29th. On Wednesday, the 30th, we went with Grammer & Pappy to The Varsity! YUM! Pimento Cheese Burger (not on the menu but they know what it is) and a fried apple pie! Soooo good! Katie had us order a "naked dog," one of the things they are famous for yelling out, "Gimme a naked dog!" The Varsity is an experience that must be had if you ever visit Atlanta. It's right across from Georgia Tech and down from the Fox Theater. Of course, the girls had to get their Varsity hat!

It is a BUSY place, and you better be ready to order when you get up there. They say, 'What'll Ya Have?" and you need to let them know quickly! You should see the place before a GT game!

After the Varsity, we headed to Stone Mountain which was Katie's request. Pappy, Chris, Gracie, & Katie made it up the mountain. I made it part of the way before I decided to go back down. A bit disappointed in myself perhaps, but oh well! I've done it before! We joined Mom & Ellie who were down as well.

Gracie & Katie at the top! Chris said Katie was ready to go back down before they reached the top, but she persevered!

The girls got certificates saying they made it!

Ellie enjoyed one of the parks at Stone Mountain.

They have a snow area right now. We didn't play, but we did get a picture of the girls in front of the carving which is right above the snow area. It was really cold that day!

Gracie enjoyed relaxing by the fire once back at Grammer & Pappy's.

Late Wednesday night, Josh, Beth, Ann Elise, & Morgan arrived! The girls had a great time spending the new year with their cousins! Gracie (9), Ann Elise (7), Katie (5), Morgan (3), and Ellie (18 months).

Pappy with 2 of his grandbabies and Bigmother trying on her Snuggie that Ann Elise & Morgan gave her!

Ellie with her Uncle Josh and Katie with Bigmother.

We had a really fun time together and really look forward to Josh & his family visiting us in Houston this summer! Mom is also coming next week to watch the girls while Chris & I go away for a fun weekend together!!!!!!

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