Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Science Fair

Last night, Gracie & Katie's school held their 1st Annual Science Fair. The Kindergarten did their project as a group and had 1 Spanish project display and 1 English project display. (We are a bilingual school.) They popped different brands of popcorn to see which brand had the most popped kernels. Jiffy Pop won!

Gracie did her project with 2 other girls from her class. Their project was to put tarnished pennies in lemon juice, vinegar, and salt & water to see which would shine them the best. They did a lot of the work in class, and they also met here at the house after school 3 days. 1 day was to do the actual experiment which had to be done at home. They had 3 trials and soaked a penny in each liquid for 15 minutes at a time for an hour. Lemon juice "won" as doing the best job.

2 other days they came over to work on the report & display board. They worked hard and did a great job! Their group presented to the class, as did everyone else, then they found out that their group was chosen as 1 of 4 finalist groups in their class, so they got to present to outside judges. Last night, everyone's projects were on display, and winners were announced. Gracie's group won 2nd place for their class. We are very proud of them! I enjoyed getting to know the other moms (& 1 dad) of the other girls. They were all great to work with!

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Kristen OQ said...

I am so impressed with their projects and feeling a little overwhelmed that we will have to be doing that soon for Sam!