Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gold Honor Roll!

I need to document a couple of things about Gracie. Last week, she has a nighttime P.E. program. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was really impressed! The students & coaches all worked very hard to make it a cute program. They did a routine with a parachute, a dance routine, a basketball routine, a baton routine, and something else I forgot the name of that only specific students did...tenicula? Something with sticks and jumping in between them while they were hit on the floor. I would have broken my leg if I had tried that! (Please forgive the horrible pictures.!)

Before the program began, we were able to walk around and try out some of the things they do in P.E. class. Here she is with one of her BFFs!

Today was 'Awards Day' for the semester for 4th grade. I wasn't able to go, but Chris was. We are very proud of our little 4th grader...all A's for the semester!!!!! Gold Honor Roll! She is so self disciplined & self motivated when it comes to her school work, and we are very proud of her. 4th grade is tougher than earlier years, and I find myself needing to remind her of more things more often, but I really can't complain. She is a fabulous daughter, and I'm happy God blessed me by choosing me to be her mommy!