Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tummy virus got #3

Yesterday started out as a 'pajama day,' although we ended up going out & about. Ellie is taking Wii lessons from one of the best...our Katie!

Ellie loves giving out kisses these days! Just watch out...they may be open mouth! LOL

Such sweet sisters!

Katie decided to get her hair chopped yesterday. I think she looks really cute with a little bob!

Last week, Ellie & Katie were both sick. Early this morning, around 5 a.m., we woke to the sounds of Gracie being sick. :( Katie ended up in the ER Wednesday night/Thursday morning where they were able to give her some meds to stop her vomiting, and they sent us home with 2 prescriptions. We never had to use them for Katie, but today Chris got one filled to use for Gracie which was able to make her feel better enough to keep down both some Sprite & Gatorade thankfully. She still feels icky though and is just laying on the couch after waking up from a pretty long nap. Poor thing.

This was her this morning.

Ellie is just too cute, so of course I had to get some pictures of her while the camera was out! She seems better from her bout of sickness last week other than having some interesting diapers from time to time and not having her full appetite back yet.

Chris is pressuring me to get her hair cut. I know she needs it, but I'm nervous about where to take her and about her losing her curls.

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Cindy Deister said...

AWWW, I remember the first hair cuts. I had to hold the boys in my lap.