Monday, February 22, 2010

Falcon of the Week

Today starts Katie's week as "Falcon of the Week" for her class at school. She was, and has been, so excited about this! Today, she got to take her "All About Me" book to share with her class. Wednesday, she gets to take a special "Show & Tell," and Friday, she gets to bring the "estimation jar" filled with something, so her classmates can guess how many are in there.

Here is her "All About Me" book.

These pages of her book showed some of her favorite things. Her favorite t.v. show is "Phineas & Ferb." Her favorite movie is "Toy Story 1." Her favorite thing to eat is brownies.

Her favorite thing to do with her family is eat outside. Her favorite color is pink, yellow, & purple.

Her favorite thing about church is singing songs, and her favorite thing about school is recess.

I loved this little Valentine's Day activity she did. (Click on it to make it larger.) They used conversation heart candy to write sentences. I thought that was really cute.
"So fine me mommy." I asked her about this sentence. She said, "You know. Like when you're playing Hide & Seek and I 'fine' you." LOL
"I lost my boy." "Don't tell on me." "This is a awesome day I had." "Gotcha Gracie." "U go girl ir osum." (You go girl, you're awesome.) "Just one mommy."

Gracie has been working hard on her Bible Bowl study materials for LTC. She is also participating in drama again and chorus for the first time, along with scrapbooking & I think artwork. I think she is really enjoying chorus and seems to respond really well to her teachers, a young married couple. She was anxious to listen to the cd "Mrs. Clelyn" had made for them to listen to to learn the different parts of the songs. I know she's enjoying the other things as well.

Sweet Ellie. Man, she looks innocent in this picture. Do not be fooled! LOL
I love her "little" legs in this picture! She's my cute chunkalunk!

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Cindy Deister said...

I hope Katie is enjoying her week! Love the pics!