Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shanks Family Valentines 2010!

We are planning a trip to Dallas this weekend to visit with some good friends (yea!) so we had a little Family Valentine's dinner tonight, and I had some little gifts for the girls & Chris. I didn't tell Chris about getting the little gifts, and then he came home with balloons for the girls and flowers for me, too!
Very sweet!

One of Gracie's favorite meals is fettuccine alfredo, so I decided to make that (soooo easy!) For some reason, I always think we need to have peas with this meal. Not sure why, but I do, so we had that, too. We also had bread and some Valentine cookies.
Since it was a 'special' dinner, I decided we would eat in the dining room and use my grandmother's china. I love her china and am so honored to have it to use. Not all of what I have is hers; it has been added to over the years.

Gracie & Katie each got some fleece Valentine pj pants, along with some candy. Ellie got some pj's and Pop Tarts. I didn't really want to get her candy, and Pop Tarts is her fave thing right now, so I figured she would be happy! She, however, was in a BAD mood tonight, so she went to bed before we got to gift opening. She will get to open hers tomorrow. I gave Chris a Reese's Peanut Butter heart which he nicely shared some of it with me!

Gracie gave Chris & I a sweet card, and Ellie "made" us a card at Friendship School. I love her little fingerprints! Of course, when Katie saw that Gracie had made us a card, she made us a "maze." Very sweet!

Here are some pictures of my sweet girls!


Krista said...

Love your blog background . . . and your most recent post! You GO girl . . . sounds like you all had a GREAT, early V-Day!! Looking forward to the weekend with you guys! =)

Btw, LOVE the picture of G & K kissing Miss E . . . the one with her eyes closed! SO precious!!

Cindy Deister said...

I love that picture, too! You need to frame it for later! Have a great time this weekend!

Heather said...

You have such a precious family, Jacinda! Looks like everyone enjoyed the Valentine celebration.