Saturday, February 27, 2010

day at the zoo

We went to the Houston Zoo today, and had a really nice time! The weather was fantastic which made for a great visit. There were lots of people, so we had to drive around for awhile before finding a place to park, but once inside, it didn't seem overcrowded. Hermann Park was nice to walk through today from the car to the zoo. There were lots of people out & about enjoying the weather, along with the kiddie train & the paddle boats that are outside the zoo. We are really enjoying our Family Passes we got for Christmas to the zoo & the Children's Museum (thanks Grammer & Pappy!) because we don't feel like we have to wear ourselves out seeing every little thing. We know we can come back later and get in with our passes.

Daddy is introducing Ellie to the world of the zoo! She has been here before, but I think it was over a year ago, so this is really her first time to know what's going on.

Katie enjoyed looking at the signs to see where the animals were from. She amazes us with the way she is reading and soaking up all the new things she is learning!

Katie wanted to get on this statue. Maybe she has a future as an elephant trainer! LOL Ellie didn't want anything to do with it!

I love the giraffes. They intrigue me!

An attempt at getting a picture of all 3 of the girls. We are paying someone to take pictures of them next weekend. Let's hope they have more luck!

The girls both brought home fantastic report cards yesterday, so they got a treat at the zoo. Katie originally chose popcorn until she saw Gracie's huge ice cream, then she was all about that!

Daddy with his baby Ellie & sweet Gracie.

I love seeing the girls with their Daddy.

Of course, no child can go to the zoo without popping up in the prairie dog hole!

Nothing like a big, pretend boat to get the imagination working!

Ellie was a bit awestruck over the fish.

They handed out a free book on the way out, and Katie couldn't hardly put it down. She especially liked reading the "Mission" of the Houston Zoo. She needed help with some of the words, but she seemed to think it was pretty neat that they had a "mission." Too funny!

In Hermann Park, the girls enjoyed playing in this piece of modern art and rolling down the big hill!

While we were there, the moment felt right to tell the girls that we're going to Disney World this summer! They were very excited!!!!!!!!!!

After we left the zoo, we met a friend & her son for dinner. We then headed to the mall to buy Gracie some new shoes then came home to relax and get ready for bed. It was a long, but fun day. (started by Chris spending some time at work....glad he got that over with first!) The girls spent some time reading from the Bible, then we talked about it. I love this picture of Katie reading with Gracie close by for when she needs help.

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