Monday, March 01, 2010

Gracie got her ears pierced!

Yesterday, Gracie told me that she had decided she wanted to get her ears pierced! This was a complete surprise to me because she had previously told me that she would NEVER get them pierced! Chris & I would tease her about it (even though I really didn't care if she didn't do it.) She said her friends get to wear all these cute earrings, and she wanted to also.

I made sure she understood that she may be allergic to some earrings and they may get infected (I struggle with this) and if that happens, she would have to stop wearing them. I also emphasized that she would have to take care of them. we went to get them done! She had a few tears. I don't think any of them rolled down her face, but they were there. I know it hurt, but she did really well!

The only downer to the day was when one of her little friends came up to me at church and said, "You let Gracie get her ears pierced?! I have to wait until I'm 14!!!!" Oops, sorry, Lisa for making your daughter probably start bugging you more now! LOL

Here is my sweet daughter "before."

Here she is, nervously waiting.

getting her ears cleaned

and marked

pretending to get them done (she posed this picture so I could hold her hand when she actually did it.)

Here is my sweet daughter "after." We have to clean them 3 times a day for 6 weeks with these same earrings in, then she can change earrings but should continue to wear earrings for 6 months to prevent them from closing. She wanted the pink, sparkly flower earrings, but I convinced her to get the small, white gold balls since she has to wear them for 6 weeks. When the 6 weeks is up, she has her heart set on the peace earrings she saw! LOL...Of course!


Jennifer Reinsch said...

She looks so grown up.

Krista said...

Yay for Gracie!! What an exciting time for a young girl; I remember so vividly the day I got my ears pierced (the first time). Tell her congrats for us! You know . . . you just need to plan another visit so I can take that sweet girl earring shopping! ;-)