Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break 2010-Day 1

So today is the 1st weekday of Gracie & Katie's Spring Break. We slept in a little bit which was nice and took our time getting ready. We then spent a large part of the day with Cindy & her boys. We wanted to let the girls meet 'Molly,' their new puppy. She is a sweet puppy but a bit big. I thought the girls did pretty well with her considering her size and energy. She is doing a great job learning from their training and will be a great dog for their family. We also ate lunch at good 'ole Chick Fil A and walked to the park to feed the turtles & fish and play on the playground. It was a beautiful day, full of enough sunshine to feel a bit burnt (of course, I burn easier than most! LOL)

After spending time with them, we got back into the van to head back to San Antonio, er I mean, Katy. We joke about Katy actually being San Antonio compared to how far away it is from her suburb of Houston. It's about a 40 minute drive but well worth it to spend time with a friend, right? Gramps & Gramme were waiting for us when we got home for a visit, so the rest of the day was spent with the girls playing with them in the backyard and at our nearby park. Chris & I walked down to another of our neighbors to talk about what happened last week; trying to spread the word to keep everyone aware & safe.

Tomorrow will probably bring some rain for part of the day. We look forward to going to the rodeo tomorrow night!

Katie walking Molly. Cindy was actually right next to Molly on the other side since Katie wasn't so confident or comfortable with her. I just figured Cindy might not want me to post her picture from behind. Just trying to be a real friend! LOL

Ellie was trying to feed the fish & turtles, but the Honey Nut Cheerios kept sticking to her hands!

What a sweet boy Collin is to play with Ellie. She has most males wrapped around her finger! LOL

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Cindy Deister said...

Thank you for not putting my boo-hind up there... Yesterday was fun! I'm glad we got to do this before the rain came!