Sunday, March 07, 2010

Katie's 6th birthday party

Amid all of the negativity of the event mentioned in the previous post, we had Katie's 6th birthday party. It was already planned and actually served as a nice distraction to all of the bad that had happened.

Gracie's teacher from last year, our beloved Mrs. Shah, once again provided a precious cake for the event. We used Katie's Toy Story figurines to add to "Andy's room" for her Toy Story cake. As usual, the cake tasted as delicious as it was cute!
Katie was just a bit excited, can you tell?!
We had the party at a gymnastic place which is great for the parents & kids alike. The kids have a great time, and it is such an easy party for the parents! The coaches entertain the kids and even serve pizza, cut cake, and write down the gifts.
Ellie enjoyed having one of her little friends there to jump around with.
Chris thought he would be cool and jump into the foam pit off of the trampoline. Too bad he lost his glasses in the process! It took our friend, Kerri, and the coach to help him find them! LOL

Our little daddy's girl had a fun time!

She can be a Mama's girl, too!
She was so excited that her teacher came to her party! What a sweet teacher to do that!
One of the things I love most about Katie is how her face shows such complete joy when she is happy! She is a passionate child...with each & every emotion!
She had a little problem blowing out the candles and needed Daddy's help, but she sure had fun trying!
Ellie loved the pizza and cake!
Katie was blessed with so many fun things from her friends!
Buzz, and a great poster that is already proudly displayed on her wall!!

Toy Story blanket!
Fun, girly stuff!
Toy Story Lego army men.....and other things not shown. Such a blessing!
Thank you God, for our sweet ALMOST 6 year old (on the 10th) and her sweet friends who helped her celebrate her upcoming birthday!
Poor Katie woke up sick this morning and has been running fever almost all day. She was feeling quite badly tonight. Our children have been hit HARD with sickness this Winter. Ugh! I'm glad she was able to enjoy her party before she started feeling badly. My guess is that Gracie 'shared' with her after her latest bout with sickness. :(


Jennifer Reinsch said...

Happy early birthday, Katie. Looks like she had a blast. I hope she is feeling better.

Cindy Deister said...

Katie is sooooo precious! I'm so glad the party was a success! I love that she got those army men! I'll have to tell Cade.
LOOVE the cake! So cute!