Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break 2010-Day 2

Tuesday, 3/16

Since Gramps & Gramme are in town, Gramme...of course...wanted to go shopping, so the girls & she & I headed out to do some of that yesterday. After a bit of that, we headed home for a short while to get ready to pick up Chris from work to go to RODEO HOUSTON! We were excited & BLESSED to be going! :)
I was so glad that the girls were both able to wear their cowgirl boots from last year...and yes, Katie chose to wear Chris' BIG, black cowboy hat! Someone even mentioned that she was "all hat!" LOL

We participated in a couple of carnival rides & games. The bumper cars was Gracie & Daddy vs. Katie & Mommy!

We rode the "Crazy Coaster" I think it was called. It was really pretty much a "kiddie coaster," but let me tell you, we were cracking up at Gracie. We were also a bit afraid she was going to be sick! This girl doesn't love rides! LOL I kept trying to get good pictures of her, but I'm not sure any picture I got does justice to how funny she was.

Katie was happy to be able to play a carnival game. She was not, however, happy to LOSE. I felt sad for her, but we also had to kinda tell her to "get over it!"

She had better luck with the balloons & darts. *Whew!*

The baby animals are so cute!
We enjoyed lots (too much!) yummy food! It was goooood! Ellie literally rolled her eyes (in happiness!) when she tried the funnel cake! Some of my favorite food was the 'cowboy food' we were able to sample...beans, stew, cornbread, & peach cobbler. It was soooo good!

The rodeo part of the evening was fun. I LOVE watching bull riding. I'm not sure why. It's not like growing up in Atlanta I saw a lot of that kind of thing, and I flinch and look away most of the time, but I LOVE watching it! One of the funniest things was when Katie was reading the program and said, "They have 'bear' back riding!" It was so funny to imagine what was going through her mind as she read that.

Ellie was in awe over the fireworks...not sure what to think!
Then......she fell asleep! (after Chris walked around with her!)

Keith Urban played after the rodeo. He was good...the 3 songs we listened to! LOL Ellie was more than ready to go, so we only stayed for a little bit of it.

I think Gramps & Grammed enjoyed the evening.

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Cindy Deister said...

I'm so glad ya'll had fun, even though it was rainy! We are going even though it is supposed to rain, and I'm hoping the boys get to ride some rides!