Thursday, May 06, 2010

finishing up April's statuses.....

Girls' Night tonight then Gracie's debut into softball (along with the 'old pro,' Katie) tomorrow @ 9:00! (4/23/10)

thinks after seeing "Oceans," that God must have had SO MUCH FUN the day he created sea creatures. Amazing! (4/34/10)

dialed & re-dialed my phone this morning to try to win tickets to 'Little House on the Prairie: the Musical'. I really did! I would ♥ to take my girls to this! (4/26/10)

is really looking forward to the "Mom Makeover" I will be getting in a couple of weeks. This makeover (complete with hair, makeup, AND nails) will be performed by Katie in her Kindergarten classroom. What a treat! ♥ (4/26/10)

is trying to convince Gracie that it will be FUN for her to come upstairs and help me 'de-clutter' her bedroom. It's really not that bad but does need a bit of a freshening up. So far, no luck! I'm thinking I'm going to have to be a bit more forceful with the issue. (4/27/10)

sent Gracie & Katie upstairs to take their shower and wash their hair. G does her own and helps K with hers. (A GREAT day when that started happening!) When I'm about to kiss Katie good night, I notice that the bottom part of her hair is wet, but the top is dry & the ponytail holder for her "1/2 ponytail" is still I...N her hair! I'm now a little leery of how good a job Gracie is doing of washing Katie's hair! LOL

noticed the beautiful FULL moon tonight. Neat thing is that a friend from GA wrote the same thing in her status. God is amazing the way He plans for people all over to enjoy His beauty! (4/28/10)

Thinks one kind of happiness is having a sweet husband who lets you stay in bed on a rainy Friday morning while he gets the 2 oldest to school AND the 22 month old still appears to be sleeping peacefully. :) (4/30/10)

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