Saturday, May 08, 2010

Splash Day, Fishing, Mommy Makeover, Little House

Ellie had "Splash Day" at Friendship School this week. I think she looks so adorable in her new bathing suit & hat. Another little girl in her class had the same bathing suit and looked cute as well!

After softball practice Thursday, we headed over to a lake nearby where the girls' school was sponsoring a fishing tournament. We were quite late b/c of softball practice, so the best places were taken and we didn't have much time. Those are my excuses for not catching anything. :) Some people caught a lot! It was a nice thing for the school (PTA?) to sponsor. Nice weather for it, and lots of families were there together. I think it was actually supposed to be Father/Child, but there were quite a few moms there, too. Katie was ready to go about 5 minutes after starting, but Gracie was more intent on catching something and watching her bobber intently. She was quite disappointed when she didn't catch anything, so I have a feeling we will be going back again soon.

Yesterday was "Mommy Makeover" in Katie's Kindergarten class! What a fun time! The mommies brought their makeup and hair things, and a few things were provided by Mrs. Burger. The kids went to town applying makeup, brushing hair, and giving "massages." (I could have done with more of that!)

Refreshments were provided for the Mommies.

Here I am "before" the makeover started.

Here are some "after" pictures. Suffice it to say that lipstick was Katie's most dangerous weapon!

What is this look? Olivia Newton John?

The children had drawn pictures of us, and the Mommies had to guess which picture was us. I, of course, guessed the one with long, red hair. No.....Katie says I have brown hair (???). I did guess it on the 2nd try at least!
Katie filled out this cute questionnaire about me. I love things like this!

Katie also drew this cute picture for me.

Earlier in the week, Gracie gave me this tall tale she wrote about me at school that I love! You can click on it to make it bigger so you can read it (most of it...some of it got cut off with the picture.) It is really sweet!

Last night, Gracie, Katie, & I went to see "Little House on the Prairie: The Musical." It was really good!!!!!! Melissa Gilbert played "Ma" which was great! Gracie soaked it all in and loved it all! Katie fell asleep but actually made it well into the 2nd half, so that was pretty good. When we were walking to the car, we passed the stage door where lots of people were waiting for the actors/actresses to come out for autographs. We stopped and were lucky enough to get a few. It was fun! During intermission, I bought the girls a book about the different homesites of Laura Ingalls Wilder (a really neat book I look forward to reading), so Gracie used that for them to sign. She got signatures from one of Nellie's co-horts, a boy who hung a snake in front of Mrs. Wilder (the teacher), the orchestra director (he told Gracie to practice her violin!), and Almonzo! When Gracie realized it was Almonzo who signed, she had a giddy little smile on her face. It was so cute! I spoke to 'Mrs. Wilder,' and 'Pa' (he was kinda snobby acting.) I was hoping to see "Ma" (Melissa Gilbert) but they said the next day (today) was her birthday and she had been whisked away for a celebration, so we missed out meeting her. That would have been neat.
Before we went to the musical, we met Chris at work and all ate together at Grand Lux Cafe which is right across from his work. It was really good! Then, Chris & Ellie left for home while Gracie, Katie, & I went to 'Sugarbaby's Cupcake Boutique.' Unfortunately, it was close to closing time, so not much was left to be purchased. However, all was not lost! We simply headed to The Chocolate Bar where you're always promised something yummy!
Suffice it to say that we brought home leftovers of these desserts!

I so enjoy having little girls to do girly things with!

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I love the girls' writing! What great keepsakes!