Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grammer & Pappy's Summer Visit 2010

My parents, Grammer & Pappy, came for a visit this past week. The girls had lots of fun with grandparents here to play with.

They arrived Wed., the 21st. We picked them up at the airport and ate lunch at Whataburger on the way home. We had some time to rest that afternoon then met Chris for dinner at Lupe Tortilla before church.
Thursday is the 1 day I go into the office, so they watched the girls for me that day. We have a fabulous babysitter normally, but it was nice to have FREE babysitting that day! :) Mom had volunteered to cook dinner that night, so I requested her roast. It's really good! She also made a strawberry ooey gooey butter cake. It has been raining so much lately, so that afternoon was great for napping with the smell of Mom's roast in the background.
After dinner, we walked to the park and Gracie & Katie rode their bike & scooter.

Friday was Chris' day off, and we all headed to Brenham, TX to the Blue Bell Factory. It was lots of fun with yummy ice cream!

Between the 7 of us, we had Dutch Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Southern Blackberry Cobbler, Homemade Vanilla 'n Peach, Cookies 'n Cream, and Butter Pecan.

After the factory, we headed into Brenham to see what there was to see. It was a cute, little town. We ate lunch at a place called "Must Be Heaven." Based on the line, it is a very popular restaurant in the town. It was cute & yummy.

Friday night, Gracie went to RoadMaP, a prayer & mission activity with church. She was gone Friday night and all day Saturday. The rest of us, on Saturday, went to Galveston to walk on the beach a bit (It was hot!) and eat some seafood. Katie enjoyed flying a kite she's been wanting to fly.

We had a bit of fun laughing at Pappy's choice of beach clothing. :)

Saturday night, Chris & I went on a double date with some friends (separate post). Sunday, we went to church and Gracie, Katie, Grammer, & I did some shopping then went back to church and spent time after church with some church friends.
Monday, we went to the zoo then met Chris at work to head to the Astros vs. Cubs game. Pappy is a huge Cubs fan, so he was rooting for the Cubs, along with Katie who decided to side with Pappy!

The zoo was humid, so Katie enjoyed the misters throughout!

Katie really enjoyed being at the game early enough to get close to the field and watch the players practicing!

Grammer & Ellie aren't huge baseball fans, so they played a little peek a boo!

Tuesday, I took Katie to a service project activity at church and did a little work while Grammer, Pappy, Gracie, & Ellie stuck close to home. We had Gracie's birthday celebration that night (see previous post).
Wednesday, I took them back to the airport. We had a great time!

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