Thursday, July 29, 2010

Double Date!

Chris & I were blessed to have a double date with our friends, Aaron & Cindy, last week. With Mom & Dad here, it worked out well since we didn't have to find a babysitter! Double dating isn't something we've done much of...maybe any any recent years, so we really enjoyed this time.

We met them at Backstreet Cafe and enjoyed a nice dinner. We always laugh a lot with Aaron & Cindy, which is great! Cindy is one of the deepest spiritual friends I have. She is inspiring with her love for God, her depth of Bible Study, & her commitment to raising her boys to be men of God. She is someone who makes me want to be a better Christian and study more. She knows more about the Bible than most people I know. At this point in my life, she is the type of friend I need and want. Deeply committed to her Christianity and hilarious! Very encouraging too! I can always count on her for a compliment from time to time...and who doesn't need that? :)

After dinner, we went to The Chocolate Bar. Yum, yum!

Chris & I got a good piece of cake, but Aaron & Cindy got a fabulous piece of chocolate cheesecake! Like I said (look at the picture...) Cindy is hilarious!

After dessert, we walked around Rice Village, laughing & laughing. We then went to Barnes & Noble and browsed a bit...making plans for a future trip. We then headed home. It was such a fun night. We are blessed with having them as friends!

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Cindy Deister said...

Such a GREAT night! Jacie, you're the BEST! I <3 U! You are one of the greatest of God's blessings in my life. I'm always ready for the next time we can spend together!