Saturday, July 17, 2010

VBS 2010-Floating On Faith

Family VBS at church was this last week, and it was really great! Our theme was "Noah: Floating On Faith." Jennifer, our Children's Director, does an amazing job of planning, writing music, writing scripts, directing, etc. So many people in the church pull together to make the week a success.

The different children's classes meet for crafts, singing, snacks, & storytime. They were also able to go to the "Experience Room." This year, the experience room was made to look like the inside of the ark complete with a closing door. My friend Cindy told them more about what it might have been like to be inside the ark. The front lawn of the church was also marked off to show the children how long the ark was, and they got to play a game where they ran water to the "animals" to show them how much work it probably was to take care of all those animals that were in the ark.
Gracie's class did an experiment with cornstarch that allowed them to "walk on water," which took faith on their part that they wouldn't sink, like Noah had faith that God would keep them safe on the ark.
Some of the youth group helped with the various activities. Here is Ellie being helped by one of our sweet 6th graders, Chad.
At the end of each evening, each class met together in the auditorium (the adults had a class too) for the play. Everyone did such an amazing job with this, and it was a very cute way to share the story! I loved all the animals! When the entered the ark, the kids loved it!
Each night started with a funny little skit done by Mike (our youth minister), Mike (our youth intern), and Sarah (one of our college students.) They provided a lot of comedy to the evenings!
Here, Noah & his wife are experiencing the wickedness of the town as people are trying to swindle them!
After Noah & his sons have built the ark, the animals started entering!
The parrots (one of them being my boss!) were hilarious! Have you ever seen parrots with British accents?!

This was such an impressive scene!
Noah sent out the dove, which Chris controlled via remote control. It didn't fly exactly as planned, but it was still good!
The bees were my favorite! Frank is one of our elders, and the grandfather of one of Ellie's little friends, and I love that he dressed up for this part! They were so cute!
One of the cutest things was when the monkey came out....with a baby monkey!
Noah & his family make a sacrifice to God, thanking Him for keeping them safe in the flood.
Everyone is thanking God for the promise He made of never flooding the whole earth again. They are pointing to the rainbow in the sky, which is the sign of God's promise.
The last night, the classes got to perform a song for everyone. Here is part of Katie's Kinder/1st grade group. "And on that ark, he put 2 bears.........."
Here is Gracie's 4th/5th grade group.
One of the neat things that happened on the last night was "Pieing the Preacher!" If someone brought 5 visitors throughout the week, they got to pie the preacher. It was sooo funny! David was a good sport about it, but I have heard him mention that next year they should have "Pie the Parrot!" LOL

Jennifer Schroeder is our wonderful director of our Children's Ministry, thus our VBS. She is incredible!


Cindy Deister said...

I love your post! I'm going to share it with my mom...Thanks!

Linda's Lines said...

From Cindy's mom, Linda Castleman: Thanks for letting Cindy send this to me! The pictures and captions are wonderful. Kirk said, "That's the way to do church!" Can't wait till next year, when maybe we can attend.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Loved the post! (And thanks for your kind words.) I am just now getting around to catching up on all my blog reading.