Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010-1st & 5th grades

Today is the first day of school for my 5th grader & 1st grader! It was a good morning, even though they had to get up much earlier than usual. :) They were both up & at 'em pretty easily actually, so that was GOOD! Can you tell that Katie was EXCITED?!

Gracie was a bit reserved and embarrassed that we walked her to her classroom, but that's okay! We'd do it again and certainly weren't the only parents doing it...even for 5th grade. I figure this is the last year we can get away with it! Her teacher greeted her at the door & chatted with us. I prayed for my girls to get the teacher HE wanted them to have, and I have gotten nothing but GOOD vibes from Ms. V since we met! Ms. K is much quieter, but I'm sure she's going to be great as well.

Gracie was very embarrassed, as you can tell from the look on Gracie's face, that Chris walked into her classroom, called out her name, and took her picture. LOL

Katie was a bit clingy when it came to the actual drop off, but she did fine. Her teacher gave her a hug and remembered her name when she came into the classroom which meant a lot to me. She welcomed us into the classroom and said the door was 'almost always open...except when we're loud." I think she's going to be great!

We are so thankful for our sweet girls and how well they do with school. We are thankful for a great school in a great location in a great school district. Not perfect, but great!
I'm thankful also for this sweet 2 year old who gets to stay home with Mommy just a bit longer...except for a little time in Friendship School, which she loves!

Trip down memory lane........

Gracie & Katie before 4th grade & Kindergarten

4th grade

walking to school....4th grade & Kindergarten 2009

3rd grade-2008

2nd grade-2007

walking to school-2007

1st grade-2006


walking to school-2005



MB said...

I am so glad the girls had a great day at school!

Will be praying that they have a super year!

Erica said...

They all three look adorable and ready to take on the new school year. I cannot believe how much they have grown. Praying for a super year for all of your girls;-)

Jennifer Reinsch said...

First off, love the new blog look. Secondly, happy school year. The girls looked excited to go.