Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher 2010

Tonight was the night: Meet the Teacher 2010: 5th grade & 1st grade! This should be the last year for Gracie & Katie to be in the same school ever! We received our postcard last week with the names of their teachers; tonight was the night to go meet them!

Off we go!!!! (Katie was taking her teacher a picture she'd drawn for her.)
Our first stop, after a nice, humid walk to the school, was to meet Mrs. V-Gracie's homeroom teacher. She will also teach her Math, Science, & Spelling. There was a long line to meet her. She took the time to speak to Gracie, me, and to speak to the little sisters as well. (Chris met her later when he got there.) While I was waiting for our turn, I was happy to see something with the "Trust in the Lord...." scripture on it sitting on a shelf near her desk. :) I was also happy to see several what looked like former students coming to give her hugs. (I figure this is the last possible year I can get away with taking Gracie's picture with her teachers, so I was determined to get one!)
Mrs. K will be her 'switch teacher.' She will teach Reading, Language Arts, & Social Studies. This is her 1st year to teach EVER. Wow....1st year, 5th grade. Have fun with that! LOL My 1st year of teaching was in 6th grade, so I can sympathize with her. 1st year teachers don't make me too nervous b/c Katie's teacher last year was 1st year and FABULOUS! :) We all have to start somewhere!
Gracie and her school BFF. This is the sweet girl Gracie sobbed over not being in class with her last week, but as you can see they found each other in the hallway. I talked to her mom, and Chris talked to her dad (and he talked to Ellie..he really likes Ellie). They're a sweet family!

Next, we stopped by Katie's classroom to meet her teacher, Ms. M!
I have heard fabulous things about Ms. M, so I am very happy that Katie will be with her this year! Someone whose son had her described her as 'silly, fun loving, excellent classroom management skills, and 'she & Katie may be two of a kind & Katie will think she's a superstar!' I liked that description! Katie has quite a few classmates from last year who will be in her class also.

Looking back through the years.....

2009: Gracie with her 4th grade teachers

2008: 3rd grade teacher :) We should have known we were blessed to be good friends when they just happened to be dressed alike at 'Meet the Teacher.'

2007: 2nd grade teacher

2006: 1st grade teacher

2005 (picture actually taken at the end of the year Field Day, so 2006): Kinder teacher & aide. I LOVED these ladies!

2009: Katie with her amazing Kinder teacher
Dear Lord,
I ask that you bless Ms. V, Ms. K, and Ms. M this year as they teach my sweet girls. Bless them with the ability to give my girls the academic knowledge they need while also being kind, patient, & loving. I ask that they know & love You most of all and if they don't please let them learn to know & love You. Please help our family to bless them through the relationship we will have with them this year. Please help us to be a support & an encouragement to them. Please help us to be a support & an encouragement to our girls as well as they go through school. We are bound to meet new friends this year, and I pray that we will be a blessing to them and that we will look for opportunities to share You & Your love with all we meet, new friends & old. I pray that we are teaching our girls that You are the most important of all the things we learn about. Please bless Ms. J, the principal, as she works to run the school the best she can. Please help people to be an encouragement to her and to realize that her job is a tough one. No one in a position like that will please everyone. Please bless everyone at the school from teachers to secretaries to custodians. Everyone's job is important. I ask that You grant all of the students peace, safety, HEALTH, academic success, and happiness as they go through this school year. Surround us all with your love & protection. Please grant a special blessing on the Key family at this time. The loss of their daughter Emma, who should be starting 4th grade at the school next week, has to be especially painful at this time of year. Please give them peace.
I love You, and I love Jesus,
In Jesus' Name,


Heather said...

Loved all the pictures! I hope the girls have a great school year.

Angela said...

I loved looking at all the pics of Gracie through the years! She is so grown up! Best wishes for a great school year. :)