Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

I think Ellie's face sums up our day yesterday....a happy day!

We were invited down to the beach house of one of our friends' families. This was our first time to be able to go, and we were looking forward to it. The day didn't disappoint. We hung out at the house for awhile. The breeze made it so nice sitting underneath the raised up house. The girls played in the kiddie pool and had the best time splashing each other with buckets of water. There were some games of volleyball, croquet, & t ball throughout the day as well.

We packed up in the back of the pick up truck (one of Katie's favorite parts) and rode just a little way down to the beach. This picture is looking from the front yard down to the beach.
The girls had fun jumping the waves, which were quite plentiful compared to other times we've gone.

There was lots of digging in the sand as well. Ellie could sit there forever with just a bucket & a shovel. Chris & Ben decided they needed to help with the sand castles at one point.

She also enjoyed decorating Kerri's head with shells & seaweed!

Krystal was sweet to share her Grandpa with Ellie. Ben's parents are very gracious hosts & hostesses.

We ate a great grilled hamburger/hot dog dinner. Ben's brother's family was there, along with quite a few of their church friends as well. Afterwards, we went back to the beach for a little bit then packed up to go home. It was a fun day! Even though our nearby Texas beaches tend to have water that's not exactly crystal clear, I'm still enjoying living near enough to a beach to go for the day and get home at a decent hour. We're thankful for friends like the Schaefers who are willing to share their place with many friends.

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