Friday, April 28, 2006

I hope you dance

Never let the fear of striking out
keep you from playing the game.
I watched "A Cinderella Story" tonight. A truly enjoyable teen chick flick. I liked this quote from the movie. How many things could I apply this to? I can think of quite a few off the top of my head; things that I'd love to accomplish but am afraid of failing miserably at. Also kind of makes me think of the lyrics to Lee Ann Womack's song, "I Hope You Dance."
"....and when you get the chance
to sit it out or dance
I hope you dance...."
I guess I think of my girls and of how much I hope & pray to instill in them the motivation to do their best but not to push them too hard. To have high expectations for them but to keep those expectations realistic. To want the best for them but sometimes let them fall on their faces if it means they'll learn something valuable from the experience. To want them to succeed but not try to relive my life through theirs. To want them to realize that pleasing God is of the upmost importance in their lives above all else while also realizing myself that they have to come to believe that on their own and not just believe it because I tell them to believe it.
I guess I'm being kind of deep. I just sometimes sit back & watch Gracie and observe all the changes she's going through this year. There are so many things that make me swell with pride. There are times I want to jump in and say, "Uh...wait. No, you should do it this way" or "No maam. You should have said this." Then I have to take a deep breath and remember that she's only 5 and she has to figure some things out for herself. And I really have to say that she's doing a pretty bang up job! I know every parent is proud of their children, but wow! There are just times I want to cuddle up with her and never let her go. Then I realize that had I done that earlier this year, she wouldn't have developed some of the skills & attributes that I'm currently admiring.
I keep remembering what my wonderful friend & mentor, LeAnna Hale, told me back in the summer. You have to give them roots and wings. I see Gracie's roots burrowing deeper & deeper in Godly soil all the time and I see her wings expanding in so many areas. I see things happening that previously would have ended in crying & tattling that now she shrugs off & figures out on her own. Kind of gives me hope for Katie's 2 year old behavior! LOL
Praise God for the wonderful things our children learn, for it is all because of Him!
I am feeling better! Every now & then I'll still feel a little twinge of pain in my throat, but I still have about 5 days of my antibiotic left. It was so wonderful having my mom here to help. Seriously, I was spoiled! She came Wednesday and immediately started changing the sheets on my bed and Gracie's bed (since that's where she was going to sleep.) She started laundry and made a grocery list then took Katie with her to Kroger. I was left home alone to nap. Of course, as luck would have it, I'm not sure I slept because I was on edge as to whether or not she would get back in time to get Gracie! (silly, I know!) She got back in plenty of time and she & Katie took off to pick up Gracie. As I had been looking through her Paula Deen magazine, I noticed a recipe for Chicken Pot Pie and remarked that we hadn't had a good CPP in awhile. So, guess what we had for dinner that night! Can you say comfort food? So good! She also made this amazing chocolate bundt cake with fudge icing. Uh, yeah, yum! She took Gracie to school Thursday morning and I was able to sleep in a little. I did run a few errands then ate a homemade pimento cheese sandwich for lunch. I took a long nap that afternoon! She made a beef stroganoff type dish for dinner that night that she served with rice, lima beans & bread. She had also made a taco soup that we never ate so it will probably be dinner tomorrow night. This morning we went to look at washing machines because she said she & dad will buy us a new one for my birthday. Whoo hoo! Ours is in serious need of being replaced and when she was doing so much laundry, I guess it hit home how bad ours was. I don't know what kind we'll get; it won't be too fancy schmancy, but it'll be better than what we have and I will be grateful! We also went to Hobby Lobby then I took her to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company. It was really nice to be able to relax knowing that she was cooking and caring for the girls.
Chris went to work today to make up some time that he missed earlier in the week when he took off to be with me. He played golf this evening, so a couple of moms came over with their kids to play in the backyard and eat hot dogs. That was fun even though we had to move indoors soon after the guys got back because the mosquitos were gettin' us! The weather was perfect though, cool even.
Gracie cracked us up because of one of her friends had brought her some books that his Nana was getting rid of. Mainly Barbie books & coloring books. The girl loves to color & read, what can I say? She kept saying that she wanted to read. While we were outside, I convinced her that she should play. Inside, I said maybe her friends wouldn't want to. She said she could read to them. I said that was fine if they wanted to. Of course, those 2 boys weren't too keen on that (although if it had just been 1 they might have been okay but maybe they had to look "cool" to each other! LOL) At one point, the boys were cleaning up, which was great because they did a fantastic job, and Gracie was having a drink. I told her to stay in the kitchen or sit at the table while she drank, and she said, "I'm going to read while I drink" so she sat there at the table reading. When one of the families left, she got out her crayons and started coloring and the other boy did a dot-to-dot. When they left, she sat on the couch and just read & read & read. I told her that sometimes I can be with a group of friends and secretly wish I could just be by myself reading, too. My mom used to love to tell the story of me cleaning the toilet with one hand and holding a book in the other! To this day, I will read while I dry my hair. It runs in the girl's blood!
I have been officially elected the PTA secretary for next year at Gracie's school. I am excited! I ran uncontested so it's not like I won a popularity contest or anything, but I am truly excited. I didn't go to the meeting last night where they did the elections so I had to wait until tonight when I finally talked to someone who knew what was going on to find out. The sad (or funny?) thing is that the lady who was secretary this year got elected President without meaning to! She was going to stay secretary but had decided to move to VP since I said I would do secretary. She had talked to me about not wanting to be President....really noone wanted to be. Well, they had sent out forms where we could nominate someone, or ourselves, to be an officer. I had told someone on the nominating committee that I would be secretary, but I filled out the form so that it would be "official." Lecia had nominated herself for VP, but someone, I don't think we know who, nominated her to be President and I guess she didn't object until after the meeting, so now she's President! I know she'll do a great job and I really look forward to working with her. She is an open believer in God and I outright told her how happy I was about that and she was grateful for my words, so I just feel really happy to work with her in this position. Moral to this story may be to attend the election meeting next year so I can object if anyone decides to nominate me for something I don't want to be! LOL
Miss S sent home a sweet, sweet note for Gracie today, along with 2 brand new books. It was a note full of praise & encouragement. I love her attitude of validating & encouraging Gracie in her interests & abilities!
Chris & Gracie made it into the paper for the 'Mother Goose on the Loose' activity last week. They both had their picture in there and Chris' interview along with my friend, Mary Beth's, interview, too!
We have a picnic for Chris' work tomorrow. Hope that'll be fun. You just never know.
My mom was asking me how to find a blog. I was showing her my blog and all the links I have. She kept saying, "And people want to read about that?" I assured her that sometimes they do. I don't think she realizes that much of my desire to do this is to keep a journal of our family's life. Bonding with other bloggers is pure icing! I was teasing her that she was going to start a blog. She said she's not, but I'm going to keep bugging her about it!
JettyBetty~I told her how you've done like every Beth Moore study and she said, "Good for her!" She like BM, too!
We have a good Life Group planned for Sunday. I think there will be some fishing earlier in the afternoon then Bible Study then a cookout hosted by the people whose house we've been meeting at for March & April. The most exciting thing about it is that the husband of the family doesn't regularly attend church, but recently told his wife he would attend with her for awhile and I think it was his idea to cook for all of us. He is such a nice man and I think his heart & mind are being touched. God is amazing!
Dear Lord,
Thank you for helping me feel better! Please be with the man I mentioned above and help him to see how much he needs You, as we all do. Please help me as I try to serve in this PTA position and help me to serve as You want me to. Help me to see & grasp the opportunities that You want me to! Thank you for my mom coming to help me and for my dad giving her up for a day or two. Please help me to do the same for my own children one day when they need me. Thank you for Gracie & Katie & Chris! Thank you for Jesus!
In Jesus' Name, Amen


Malia said...

Wow! You really had a lot of catching up to do ;)

I always get weepy when I hear "I Hope You Dance" because it makes me think about Sweetpea and they things I want to teach her and the things I hope for her. I could go on and on, so I won't!

Glad you are feeling better!

jettybetty said...

I agree--roots and wings--when they use those wings--it's soooo hard--but so necessary for them to become who God made them to be! We all need to dance!

Glad you are feeling better--I am guessing your mom had a terrific time being there--I know I hope I can do that for my kids--when they need it some day!

Beth Moore is great! Have you done any of her studies yet???

Clarissa said...

Was that your mom with your girls? They look just like her!!

Kimberly said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! I loved all your thoughts on raising your girls. You sound like such a wonderful Mom.