Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring Break:day 1

Today is the first official day of Gracie's Spring Break!

After a morning of letting me sleep in (yea!) and Gracie going with me to mail a few things I'd sold on Ebay, we all decided to go see "The Shaggy Dog." It was cute. Katie wasn't into sitting still and watching it the whole time, so the 2 of us spent some time sitting in the back of the theater. She also decided to pitch quite the fit when we were leaving....and when we were driving home....and when we got home......*whew* It was a doozy! I know Chris & I will be firm and we will get through this time with her (with God's help), but it is such a challenge at times! I escaped for a little bit this afternoon and ran some errands. Sometimes I just need a little breather. I came home with some hanging flower baskets for the porch & front yard. When she saw us outside, Katie wanted to come out too and then Gracie wanted to come out. It was really nice weather to be out.

Gracie's funny thing to say today: We saw some neat jewelry at the store where we mailed our packages this morning. I mentioned that I bet Miss S would like those then we started talking about how she had her toenails painted yesterday. Now, not everyone could pull off painting your toenails different colors, but it works well for her. She has a very unique style, but it's a good one. It suits her. Anyway, Gracie said, "Sometimes, she like wears a necklace on her ankle." I laughed and proceeded to explain what an anklet was. Needless to say, Miss S & I do not share the same sense of style or Gracie would have already known what an anklet was! I long for more fashion sense. My poor girls certainly haven't been born with much either.

Embarrassing thing about myself to admit: Chris mentioned that we could have gone to see "Ice Age 2." I reminded him that we, or I anyway, didn't like this first one. I don't guess the girls have seen it; I'm not even sure. I reminded him that I didn't like the first one because it was in Spanish! He started laughing as he remembered that story. On an airplane trip, "Ice Age" was the movie playing. We paid our money to get the headsets and settled in to watch. I was surprised that I couldn't understand what they were saying but just figured that the first little bit of it was in another language. After awhile, I started really thinking that was weird. Chris seemed to be enjoying it. Then, I realized that I had my channel selector tuned to the Spanish selection. Chris was enjoying it more because he was actually listening to it in English! *sigh* By that point, my interest was lost.

I just found out that some friends of ours~with their 3 children~are leaving soon to live in American Samoa for 2-3 years to do mission work and he will also work as an attorney as he is doing here now. They will be in my prayers. I just really admire this family and have even before now.

Yesterday at Gracie's party, I met the mother of one of her classmates. I found out that she has cancer and apparently is leaving soon for Atlanta to go through treatments. I told her that she would be in our prayers. I didn't even get her name. I know I can get it and I know the little girl's name. I know this will be hard on them.


jettybetty said...

It's truly hard for me to believe anyone that cute can throw a fit!

Deana Nall said...

I saw Ice Age in English and still didn't like it. It was boring and not really funny. So you didn't miss much!

Katie said...

Hi Jacinda!
Yes I was in Mrs. Williams class that year. It's such a small world! I'm graduating this year and I can't wait to go onto ACU. The other Katie us actually Katie Barnett who was also in our class. However Katie Barnard is still one of my best friends as well. (Katie actually works for Corey) Katie is a great name. I'm glad you named your daughter that. When you were our student teacher was your last name shanks?
Katie Rich