Friday, April 21, 2006

Mother Goose on the Loose!

Today I am sick. I'm not sure what the problem is but my throat is incredibly swollen, my head has been feeling like a ton of bricks is sitting on it and my body has been very achy. I "officially" got sick once this morning. For alot of the day, I laid in bed moaning and moving my legs back & forth in an effort to get comfortable. I am feeling a little better now although not very. The headache & body aches are better but I've now been running fever and I think I've taken my alotted number of Motrin for the day. *sigh* Chris & the girls are out at Burger King with Gracie's school friend Hunter and his parents. We'd been planning to get together tonight for a week. They were supposed to come to our house, but we changed those plans this morning. How's that for a pity party, huh?
Gracie's class had a Nursery Rhyme Celebration this morning. I love these special types of activities at school and I'd known about this day since the first of school, so I drug myself out of bed to go thinking that I'd feel better getting out of bed anyway. I did okay, but by the end I was in misery and barely made it home before "officially" being sick. Miss S said, "Gracie said you weren't feeling well and that just Daddy was going to come." I agreed that I didn't feel well but couldn't hardly keep myself away.

It was a really neat time, despite being sick. Miss S, one of the other K teachers and the librarian had applied for and received a $6000 grant this year and used the money to incorporate nursery rhymes throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, the children had performed some nursery rhymes for us and the teachers had explained what they would do throughout the year.

Today, they had culminating activities to go along with some of the nursery rhymes. They had 4th & 5th grade students lead small groups (Gracie's group had 4) around to the different activities while the parents & teachers mingled and were available to help as needed.

They had planting seeds to go along with "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary," water play for "It's Raining, It's Pouring," more water play & predicting whether an object would sink or float for "Jack & Jill," they made peanut butter cracker spiders for "Little Miss Muffet," a visitor from the SPCA was there with a cat for "Three Little Kittens," there was an egg relay race for "Humpty Dumpty," and they sorted paper hearts for "Queen of Hearts." They also made pumpkins for "Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater" and had various other activities.

The 5th grade boy assigned to Gracie's group was such a great helper! He was so polite, saying "yes maam" and "yes sir" when adults would ask him something and he made sure his little charges stayed on task and they listened to him very well. I was very impressed with him and readily understood why he had been chosen as one of the helpers for this activity.

The newspaper guy was there taking pictures and interviewing. He took at least one picture of Gracie and then one of her & Chris talking then interviewed Chris. We'll have to get a paper tomorrow to see if we make it in! At the activity at the beginning of the year, they had interviewed me which was fun, so maybe Chris will get in this time!

Katie did well. She enjoyed playing in the water and stood looking at the older kids on the playground saying, "Sing, sing" (which means swing.) She wasn't granted permission to go play with the big kids, but she had fun anyway.


jettybetty said...

Hope you are felling MUCH better by now!

Sounds like Gracie's class had so much fun with Mother Goose on the loose-we should set Mom Goose free a little more often ;-)!

jettybetty said...

*feeling (oopps!)

Kimberly said...

I hope you aren't sick the entire weekend! Get well soon!