Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Break:day 7

Spring Break is nearing its end. We told Gracie it's soon back to the real world! I know she's enjoyed doing so many special things and enjoyed the break from school, but I'm sure she'll be excited to get back to school as well!

She & "L" played awhile this morning then after "L" left, we jumped in the van for a trip to a nearby town to do a surprise something special. Gracie kept trying to guess what it was but never did guess the right thing. On the way, we ate at Fuddrucker's...YUM! We don't have one in our town, so we like to go when we're near one. After that, we went to do the surprise and welcomed a new member of our family.........Chloe. That's right. We adopted Chloe the puppy at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Gracie has always loved going into that store and looking and practically drooling at the prospect of building one. We've never done it, so we decided that this week was a good week for it. She had lots of fun~as did we! Katie was so good, too! Chris had said she had to have one too so she wouldn't feel left out. I kept saying that she was only 2 and really wouldn't know that she was being left out. He felt bad and said that we'd have to buy her something at a different store. (Can you tell which one of us is going to be more of the pushover....or already is! LOL) When we got there, she was so good and didn't even realize that "Sissy" was getting something really special while she wasn't, so all was okay!

We walked around the mall and picked up a few baby gifts and some sandals for the girls. We headed back home. Chris went to the gym, Katie slept, Gracie colored on the box Chloe came in, I piddled around online. We spent some time outside and had a picnic supper in the backyard. The weather has been so nice. If only, if only, if only it could stay this way. I know this summer it won't be so nice even in the evenings, so I'm hoping we enjoy it while we can.

Chris is preparing for Sunday. He will be speaking Sunday night at church. The girls are tucked in bed and I am, once again, piddling around online! Surprise, surprise! Chris was teasing Gracie that he wanted to sleep with Chloe. She kept telling him that she was only for kids, but he insisted that he could have one. She said, "Okay. Maybe I'll get you one for Father's Day!" This will be just the excuse she'll need to beg me to let her make another one! Trust me, I won't fall for it!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for our sweet girls. Thank you for Gracie's sweet spirit and for this time we've had together this week, also for all the times she said "thank you" this week. Thank you for Katie's energy and sweetness. She can be a handful at times but when she comes to say goodnight and clasps her little hands together and says, "Pay,"~because she can't quite say "pray" right yet~and then bows her head & closes her eyes and starts saying her prayer.....all is right with the world. Tonight she even added all 4 of the grandparents without even being prompted and then added Jesus near the end. Thank you Lord for children! Thank you Lord for the time we get to spend together as a family. It's fun to do things like the zoo and the movies, but it tends to warm my heart just as much if not more to simply sit in the backyard together. Thank you for Chris who shares my love for our children and puts us as a top priority, 2nd only to You. Please help us to parent the way You want us to!
In Jesus' Name,


jettybetty said...

Those build a bear places are so fun! Gracie has had such a fun week--she may not want to go back to the real world!

Malia said...

Yea for BBW!! Sweetpea has been asking when she'll get to go, again! I don't know when, we'll just have to see. Glad you had a good time! And you were right about Katie, at that age they don't understand the whole getting presents thing. Plus this way, you'll be able to do it with her when she's a little older and can actually appreciate it like Gracie did!

Oh, and about that're such a joker ;-)

Kimberly said...

Wow it looks like you guys had a fabulous Spring Break!
I was inspired by you to buy some Miss Patty Cake books, DVDs, and resurrection eggs for my nephew for Easter. I heard about her first from your blog and then heard her on the radio Saturday. I think the oldest nephew will love them and the other two may get them in years to come once they get a bit older (I don't want the little pieces in the eggs to become choking hazards!). Thanks for the recommendation!