Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Break:day 3

We had a fun day today. I stayed up pretty late last night and cleaned up some so I wouldn't start the day with a house that was too messy. I knew if I did that, the day would get off to a yucky start. We ended up allowing Gracie to stay up as late as she wanted to last night~which never happens~and she stayed up until just before midnight! Even so, she was up before Chris left for work this morning bright eyed & bushy tailed. Of course, after she ate some breakfast, she ended up crawling in bed with me and slept some more~and took a good nap this afternoon, too!

Around noon, we went to the park for a picnic with some friends and had alot of fun. We have a park in town with the typical playground then we also have a park with no playground but ponds with ducks and beautiful trees & flowers. Gracie chose the latter park for today's picnic and the kids had a blast. It was a little challenge keeping Katie away from the water's edge, but we survived.

Although the weather was really nice, we ended up getting quite hot so we picked up a couple of drinks at Sonic and headed home to cool down. Katie, as luck would have it, ended up falling asleep in the van while we were waiting for our drinks and then proceeded to take forever to fall asleep again once we were home. I will give her credit though that she didn't fuss one time, she just kind of layed there in her bed playing. She got up once or twice but for the most part just layed there. She finally fell asleep which is a good thing because so did Gracie, and so did I!

The azaleas in our yard are blooming so it was time to try and get our annual azalea pictures with the girls. Katie is so uncooperative when it comes to posing for snapshot pictures, but we tried! A big wind came up while we were out there and Katie did enjoy that!

We had dinner plans with a family whose son is in class with Gracie. We enjoyed that and then went over to their house to visit and let Chris watch at least part of the Final Four game with Brett, the dad of Gracie's friend. (He has a bigger television than we know how guys are! LOL) When Katie got to the point where she was kind of walking around in a daze and twirling her hair more than usual, we figured it was time to come home and put them to bed. After all, tomorrow is the zoo!


Tracy said...

Great pictures! And you've inspired me to take the girls on a real old-fashioned picnic at the park with a blanket and everything!! Thanks.

MDM said...

I love spring break. Ours is just a distant busy blur of a memory. Next year we will stay home or visit the beach.