Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I make the best macaronie!

Gracie made me a Mother's Day card at school similar to the ones received by Elizabeth & Erica. I loved what their children wrote; here is what Gracie wrote. (no grammar or spelling corrections have been added.)
Here is the poem she wrote for the front cover: roses are red volits are blue you love me and so do I.

My mom always says I love you.

My mom cooks the best macaronie.

This is how she makes it buter cheze.

My mom really loves me.

My mom and I like to Read.

My mom's favorite clothes to wear are a dress.

My mom is beautiful because she wears preety clots.
Both of the girls made me wonderful Mother's Day crafts in Bible Class as well as MDO and school. I treasure them! With my birthday being just right before Mother's Day, I told Chris not to really do anything specific for Mother's Day, but I did get to treat myself to a pedicure and we had a delicious lunch at Red Lobster! Honestly, Chris makes me feel special and loved and like a good mother each day of the year. He's just that kind of a man.
Yesterday I took cupcakes to school for lunch to celebrate Gracie's birthday. Of course, her birthday isn't until July 28, but I've always felt bad that she would get "cheated" out of bringing cupcakes for her birthday, so I asked Miss S if I could bring them and of course she said yes. It was fun! Gracie chose for me to make strawberry cupcakes with white frosting that had mini M&M's to put on top. Gracie even got to wear the "birthday crown" and Miss S and Mrs. H gave her birthday treats and she got to pick out a birthday book from the library.

I did feel kind of bad because I think Gracie got a birthday book from the library at the beginning of the year because I think the school as a whole celebrates with "birthday cupcakes" once a month at lunch and I guess July was celebrated earlier in the year and she got her book. Anyway........I may send a book to school to donate to the library to make up for it. I know it's not really a big deal, but I feel kind of bad. That's just who I am.
Gracie got her hair chopped off today. I know it'll be cooler for summer and it looks really cute.
I can hardly believe there are only 7 more days of school and then my baby will technically be a"1st grader!" *sigh, cry, sniff* It's been a great year and many of the memories from this first "real" year of school will live for a long time. (I'm such a sentimental fool!) I was glad when Miss S called last week to thank me for the book we made. She said when she read the poem at the front she almost got teary eyed. I said, "I did, too!" It made me feel less like a fool and just sentimental!
One of Gracie's best friends at school has an older sister who had outgrown her Polly Pocket toys, so she gave them to Gracie. It was enough to fill a garbage bag! These things are so much fun! The best thing is the ferris wheel that goes into a roller coaster! I think there's a hotel and a water park, too. I haven't been able to look at all of it yet. I remember Deana's funny post about being sick of them, but honestly they're fun! (although Gracie & I both agree that many of Polly's outfits are inappropriate! LOL)
Katie is great! Into everything and cute as a button!
I am currently reading The Debt by Angela Hunt. So far I really like it.
Dear Lord,
Thank you for my wonderful husband and daughters who continually love me and show me how much so often. Please help Chris & I to raise our daughters in a way that is consistent with Your will. Please help me to be what You want me to be to everyone I meet. Sometimes I struggle with my exact role in peoples' lives, or their role in mine. Please help me to solicit Your guidance and to follow it.
In Jesus' Name,

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