Thursday, May 11, 2006

Teacher Appreciation books

The Teacher Appreciation books are done! I had alot of fun making them, although I did stress a couple of times over one thing or another. They're totally homemade looking, but that's okay!

For Miss S, I sent home a letter to all the parents explaining what I would like for the students to do then sat back and waited for the work to come back to school and be sent home with Gracie. The students were to write a letter or a story for Miss S and illustrate it. Something to let her know how much they appreciated her. I know Miss S was wondering what in the world was inside the manila envelopes but I think she was a good sport about it all an didn't peek. I got 21 out of 25 back from the students and I was pretty pleased with that. I really expected to get less than that. I actually had the mother of one student call me on my cell phone at church last night~oops! Good thing I was teaching the baby class and only had 1 little boy so it didn't really disturb anyone. She wanted to know if it was too late to send her son's letter in. I told her I'd already put the book together but if she'd send it in I'd glue it onto the purple paper and give it to Miss S and she could probably attach it to the book later. I have 1 other student who may do the same thing.

For Mrs. H & Mrs. T., I traced each of their hands and had them tell me something they liked about them and I put that all together. I'm going to give them their books this afternoon right before school is out. I really hope they like them. It's just a little something that they can look back on and see how they were appreciated.

For all of them, my friend Mary Beth helped me think up different things that each of them was known for and I typed it up to put at the front of the book. I'm such a sappy person that I teared up typing up Miss S's. She has just been such a wonderful teacher for Gracie this year and I truly am grateful for her! I am going to miss her & Mrs. H so much next year! *sigh* Going to 1st grade is going to be alot harder on me than it is on Gracie!


SG said...

Those books are priceless. AND I had a whole school of papers to get back. I sent the note home a week early and then four days after they were due back still got some! No wonder it is hard for kids to remember things...their parents ( me included) are too good at turningthings in on time either!

jettybetty said...

The books all look wonderful--I doubt you could have done anything for any of them that they would have appreciated any more.

Erica said...

Great job on the books!! I would have loved that as a gift when I taught. Too bad I did not have Moms like you. So thoughtful:)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

What a great, lasting, gift to give to the teachers! I remember with fondness the days of elementary school. My youngest is just finishing 8th grade.....not as much parent involvement with the school these days.



Jenna said...

What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do! I love the books and I know that the teachers will treasure them.