Wednesday, May 10, 2006

more randomness

Thanks for all the comments about books for Gracie. I love to read and am so glad she does too. The book fair is at her school this week so this morning we braved the throngs of people to go visit. (I'm not much for just sending money with her for that kind of thing because I'm afraid she'll come home with a poster or a stuffed animal or something other than a book. And to think I write alot about wanting her to spread her wings! HA! I guess I'm selective about it when it comes to reading and my money!)

I picked out one for Miss S from her wish list and Gracie picked out (at my prompting) one of the Magic Tree House books. Lions at Lunchtime. I'm anxious to see if we like them. I like the fact that they can get history lessons and geography type lessons (thanks for the tip Elizabeth!) I'm also loving Aunt Erin's idea about the American Girl books being a birthday idea for Gracie! (We'll have to talk later,'re awesome!) Erin and I have this understanding when it comes to gifts now that we both have children. We just let each other know what we really want our children to receive. No use buying/receiving something we don't really want! I love it!

Speaking of gifts, one of my friends told me about Harry & David the other day. I think I'd heard about them but had never really looked into them. I browsed the website and, for Mother's Day, ended up ordering "Harry's Collection" for my mom and "Light Size Papayas and Mangoes" for my mother-in-law. I'm not sure when they'll actually receive them but am anxious to see if they like them and if it was a worthwhile purchase. I'm never sure when I order online. (Hope Mom doesn't choose today to start reading my blog!)

I also forgot to mention something that really noone will probably be interested in but I was proud of myself. I'd been reading a particular blog that made my blood boil just about everytime I read it. I didn't have a link to it but had it saved on my "favorites" list on Internet Explorer so I could easily read it. The other day it made me mad again so I deleted it! I can still find it (and did last night) but I deleted it from my fave list so it's harder to get to it. Sometimes you just gotta do things like that!

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Deana Nall said...

Julia read all the Magic Treehouse books last year. They are great for teaching kids about all kinds of historic people and events. There is another series called "Time Warp Trio" that has the same premise, but they are HYSTERICAL.