Thursday, May 25, 2006

last day

We survived the last day of school! Thankfully, Gracie had a good day and was excited to go to playgroup afterwards. I guess this is just one more way she's like me. I tend to be more sad in anticipation to something happening than I am right when it happens. It was pretty much the same way with the 1st day of school. I cried almost all the way there, then I was okay once we got there! Here are a few pictures of Gracie with Miss Stack, Mrs. Hooks and Mrs. Terry. I was also able to get one of her with her beloved Coach!

We gave Miss Stack the wedding/end of the year present from Gracie & Hunter and we gave Mrs. Hooks & Mrs. Terry a little something. I had also written a letter to Miss Stack and Mrs. Hooks that I left with them. They questioned what it was and I said it was sweet things that I can write alot better than I can say! It's hard to sometimes even put into words how I feel, but I tried.

It's been a good year!


jettybetty said...

Glad all went well--
That is sooo much the way I am too--most of my sadness is in the anticipation--when the *sad* event is over--I am usually fine!

elizabeth said...

I had to click over to see how the last day was for you. Ours it today. I have been dreading him not being a kindergartener for so long that it is almost a relief that it is over!

I am looking forward to a great summer with my little man.