Sunday, August 06, 2006

fondue, coming up!

It seems like we've done alot the last few days and since this is a journal for me, I want to record it all.

Chris had Friday off and we started the day off by going grocery shopping at Wal Mart. Fun, fun! We really didn't have many groceries in the house and I was taking dinner to a friend with a new baby that night, so we had to go. After we got that done and the groceries put away, Chris left with Gracie for the doctor for her 6 year check-up.

Her check-up went pretty well. She did fail the vision exam though! We pretty much expected this as we had noticed problems already. One time at church, she told me she couldn't read the big screen with the song words that was at the front of the building. I knew it meant that she couldn't see them clearly since they were all words she knew how to read. Chris wasn't pleased with how the nurse handled the exam (and I've had issues with this nurse before) so the next time I encounter her, I may have to complain to the doctor. (One of my friends has had issues with her too.) I really don't usually make "service complaints" like that but this lady is just very unprofessional. Anyway, when the doctor came in, he said she needed to go get her eyes checked. I plan to call an opthalmologist's office tomorrow and try to get an appointment this week before school starts. She was having alot of headaches last year at the beginning of the year and I wonder if maybe the vision problems contributed to them at all.

Chris & I have eye insurance and Gracie isn't on it, so I've been prepared to just pay up front for her and then get reimubursed through our FLEX plan (basically a medical savings account through work). Then I remembered my friend Kym had said if I go to an opthalmologist, who is an MD, instead of an optometrist, who isn't an MD, that it just goes through our regular health insurance. Whoo hoo! I'm excited about that!

She only weighs 35.5 lbs! She's already in a booster seat and he said that was fine but that she'd probably be in it until she drives! Can you imagine?!?! LOL

Chris took a nap that afternoon while Katie did and Gracie & I went to the library. She got her own library card! She was so excited and the ladies at the desk were really sweet about it and gave her stickers and made a big deal about it. On her new card, she checked out a movie: "Muppets in Space" and 2 books about Egypt. She decided she wanted to read about Egypt again and learn more about it. She'll probably be better than me about remembering to turn in her items on time! I am awful and pay our library so much money in fines!

We took dinner to our friends that night and visited with them and the new baby. They live in a part of town we're not as familiar with so we drove around a little and explored. We found a neighborhood with very pretty houses and I love looking at houses so that was kind of fun. We then went home and ate dinner and then went up to our church building to let Gracie practice riding her bike.

We figured the parking lot would be a good place since it was wide open space. When we first got there she didn't have her helmet so we had to go back home to get it. We had just been talking about it at home and Chris had told her to go get it, but she forgot. The doctor had said, "We can fix a broken arm but we can't fix a broken brain." Since we'd just made such a big deal about it, we couldn't just let her ride without it so we drove back home to get it. UGH!

The girls both had a good time riding their bikes and we went late enough in the evening that it wasn't too hot. Katie even got to practice riding Gracie's bike a little. Of course, she's way too young (and didn't have a helmet!) but she liked acting a big girl!
Here is Daddy being silly!

I started reading one of the new books I'd gotten at the library but had to put it down in disgust after I read some variation of the "f" 5 or 6 times in the first 36 pages! The last time also included God's name said in vain along with a variation of the "f" word. It's frustrating because I really wanted to read it and had read another book by the same authors that I didn't remember being so bad.

I went to bed early that night while Chris stayed up 'til about 2 because of the nap he took earlier in the day. When will he learn that he cannot nap and expect to go to sleep at a decent hour?!?!? I, on the other hand, usually don't have that problem.
I had a BeautiControl party to go to a friend's house that morning. It was fun and I actually ended up booking a party for sometime in September. It's a fun way to hopefully get some free stuff or at least stuff for cheaper! My friend did pretty well with the perks she got off of the orders & bookings.

When I got home from the party, Chris said, "Do you want to go out on a date tonight?" I was surprised because our anniversary is next weekend. He assured me that we were going out next weekend but he just thought I'd like to go out this weekend too. We never go out on dates so it was a nice surprise! He had even already called someone to watch the girls! After their naps we took them to our preacher's wife & their son where they had a great time playing! (Our preacher is out of the country on a mission trip.)

Chris & I went to the Outback. We just got salads and the Bloomin' Onion. YUM! I LOVE the Bloomin' Onion! We went just a little after 5 so we didn't have to wait at all then we had over an hour to walk around the mall before we went to the movie. We had gone early to get the tickets so we didn't have to wait in line to purchase them . Our town isn't so big and sometimes newer movies will sell out quickly so we wanted to get them early. The movie was funny but there were certainly offensive parts in it. It's frustrating because the movie still could have been funny without the bad parts.

We went to get the girls who had thoroughly enjoyed themselves! I'm so glad they had so much fun! Next week for our anniversary, Chris & I are going to The Melting Pot. I've been a couple of times and the dessert is absolutely to die for! It's a fondue place and the cheese & dessert are absolutely the best! The meat part isn't my absolute favorite but it is good and Chris has never been so I'm anxious to see if he'll like it. I've always said he wouldn't like it because he's one of those people who is so picky about his food being done that he burns meat most of the time! LOL It is a definite experience and is very romantic so it's a good choice for an anniversary date! Of course, the other 2 times I've gone was on a Girl's Night Out so it's fun for that kind of a night, too! Someone is coming to the house to babysit so the girls can go to bed since it'll be a pretty late night. The restaurant isn't in our town so we'll have to drive a ways to get there.
We had church this morning which was good. Chris took Katie to class and he said she let go of his hand and walked on in ahead of him into the room. Hooray for that little "pitching a fit" phase not lasting! We'll just see how Mother's Day Out goes. I've been looking into maybe sending her to a different one this year. It doesn't start until September 11th and I kind of wanted to start her earlier than that. It's also $30 more for registration but $0.50 less an hour so it would probably eventually even out by the end of the year. I guess I'm going to go check it out and decide.

Chris cooked lunch today and it was goood! Chicken Fried Steak! He does a good job of doing this. We also cooked fried potatoes. Yeah, not real healthy but we don't have it too often. I went to Target and then came back home and crashed for my usual Sunday afternoon nap while Chris mowed the yard. I'd been giving him a hard time because the weeds were out of control! It looks very nice now!

We had Life Group tonight and it was my night to watch the kids. We had 10 kids tonight and that didn't count one who stayed with her Mommy since she's only about 3 months old. They all did really well. The little ones (Katie and a couple others) didn't really listen to my little lesson but the older ones did and they colored on some cards that I'm going to send to someone. Then they played and had a good time while the adults had Bible Study in the other room. After that, some of us went out for Chinese. It was yummy and there was lots leftover for mine & Chris' lunch tomorrow! I'm pretty limited in what Chinese I will eat but I sure do enjoy some Sesame Chicken and fried rice! A funny thing: Obviously, there is sometimes a bit of a language barrier at a Chinese restaurant. One of our friends asked, "Can I have some hot sauce?" The guy said, "You want hot sauce"? He said, "Yes." The guy said, "You want it hot?" He just looked at him and said, "Yes, hot sauce." Chris relayed this story to me because I was on the other end of the table but I remember hearing them all crack up at his end so apparently it was pretty funny when it happened!
This week:
*PTA Board meeting tomorrow night to discuss the budget. Fun, fun!
*Registration Wednesday where we'll meet Gracie's teacher and I'll work a shift as part of the PTA board. Hope it's not unbearably hot since we'll be sitting outside.
*Our anniversary date.
*We're going skating with a group of friends from church. We're renting a whole skating rink. I think it'll be fun!
*One week from tomorrow my baby starts First Grade!


jettybetty said...

I don't understand why they have to put bad stuff in every movie either--really.

Enjoy your last pre-first grade week with Gracie! Sounds like you already have some fun stuff planned!

Karen said...

My 7 1/2 yo daughter doesn't weigh much more than 40 pounds... she might be close to 45 now; it's been a bit since I've weighed her.

I wanted to go to Outback today for a Bloomin' Onion, but got outvoted by the kids. I might outvote them next time.

Malia said...

My baby starts FIRST GRADE next week too!!

Also, love The Melting Pot!! Have fun! (I always totally overcook my meat during that portion of the meal, so Chris should do just fine.)

Kristen said...

I love The Melting Pot -- it is always a fun restaurant to go to with Kevin and some friends (no kids though!) We even bought our own fondue pot after a fun dinner somehow isn't the same when you are at home!

Enjoy your last week of summer vacation.

Alissa said...

enjoy your week, and your date. I know that the dessert will be worth it, even if nothing else is! And I think it is all worth it! Have fun!