Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Gracie & Mrs. Stauffer

We met Gracie's 1st grade teacher today! Well, Gracie had already spent time with her last year when she spent some time with her first grade class and I'd seen her around the hall a bunch so I already knew who she was, but we had the "official" meet the teacher time today during registration.

She seemed very nice and her classroom was decorated in a very "first graderish" way. Bright colors and all that good stuff! I'm a pretty nosy person, so I know just from observing her last year from time to time when she was in the hall with her class that she doesn't put up with much from the kids. By that I mean she's pretty tough but that's okay with me. I definitely want a teacher who has good classroom control! She showed a motherly side today which I really liked. I wanted to take a picture of them and she sat down in the rocking chair and pulled Gracie up onto her lap. I loved that because I like a teacher to have that nurturing, motherly kind of quality (along with being firm when necessary)! I think that's one of the reasons I liked Mrs. Hooks so much last year because she was so motherly & nurturing with them but she also didn't put up with anything out of line.

Gracie is completely happy with having her because she already feels comfortable with her having been with her class last year for an hour or two a week towards the end of the year. One of the absolutely best things is that she should have no more than 15 students in her class all year! I asked Mrs. Stauffer how many students she has and she said 14. I said something about how I'm sure that will change and she said that actually she is 1 of 2 first grades (there are 7 first grades total) that will be "frozen" at 15 students while the other classes can go a little higher. One of my friends who previously taught 1st grade at another elementary school in town had told me about that because her class had been that class one year. I don't really know for sure why they do it but I'm just so thrilled that Gracie is in one of those classes! Absolutely thrilled! If you read any of my blogs last year, you know that we had a fantastic year with Kindergarten but her class was very large so I'm really looking forward to her being in such a small class! Her good friend Hunter is in her class too so that's really great!

Another thing that was neat was that Mrs. Stauffer's husband was there while we were. He said something sweet to Gracie and said, "I'm Mr. S." She said that he would be in from time to time and he seemed really nice & supportive of his wife and like he would be involved with the class, too. I liked that. I talked to her about wanting to come in & help and Chris talked about wanting to come in for "National Geography Week" this Fall to do a presentation and she seemed excited about that. (I was very proud of him for volunteering!) I told her that Gracie had just gotten her glasses and she would need help taking care of them and she told Gracie that she would help her if Gracie would help her because she always losing her glasses!

I wish everyone could have seen her run to give Coach a hug when she saw him at the school today! She broke away from us and ran faster than I've ever seen her run! He had things to say about her bow, as usual, and said if she comes to school with any of those "baby bows" that she has to go straight back home. I tell you, that man is really good with the kids and knows how to endear himself to them! She also went out to see Miss Stack for a minute to give her a picture she'd colored for her. Miss Stack loved her glasses as I figured she would since they look alot like what she wears!

When we left the school, Gracie wanted to know how many more days until Monday. She is ready & excited!

Dear Lord,
Thank you for our good day meeting Gracie's new teacher. Please help her to keep her love of learning and to never stop wanting to learn. Please protect her spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically. Be with Mrs. Stauffer and help her to be the best teacher she can be! Help her to be firm yet gentle and to help each student according to what they need most. Be with all of the students who will be in Gracie's class and help them all to have a wonderful 1st grade year! Help Gracie & us to be shining lights that You want us to be wherever we are & to all we meet! Thank you for all of the questions Gracie has been asking as we read the Bible and help Chris & I to answer them in such a way that she'll want to continue learning about Your word and help her to gain all the wisdom & knowledge that You want her to.
In Jesus' Name,


jettybetty said...

WOW--after reading all that I am excited too! Sounds like many prayers have already been answered!

Now, I will keep praying that God will use Gracie and all your family in powerful ways because of where you are this year--and special blessings--that we could never even dream of right now!

Jacinda said...

Thanks Betty! I appreciate all of your encouragement & prayers!

Jenna said...

Sounds fantastic! I am envious of the class size!!! How do they do that? I bet she has a wonderful year.

You know, if I had ever had a girl her name would have been Grace:)