Thursday, August 31, 2006


Last few days:

*Saturday I wasn't feeling too well so I laid around the house quite a bit and napped.

*Sunday we had church and a wedding shower. After the shower, we had 2 baptisms which was amazing! The "bride-to-be" was baptized and her "father-in-law-to-be" was as well. It was great! "Mr. Chuck" is the man who was baptized and he is one of the sweetest men in the world! He & his wife are so sweet to my girls and have babysat for us and give them attention and he participated in VBS and his wife even volunteered them to be Gracie's "surrogate grandparents" if there are any programs at her school that her "real" grandparents can't be at. He is so sweet and I've always wondered why he hadn't made that decision to follow Christ but now he has made the decision and I'm so happy as were a whole lot of other people at church! It's also so great that his son will now be marrying a Christian in a few weeks. It was a good afternoon!

*That evening, a "no children" Life Group hosted our Life Group (which has MANY children) at the home of one of their members. It was lots of fun! A couple of them taught the children for us, one of them led the Bible Study, they provided all the food for a great cook-out and they provided their pool where our husbands, ranging in age from about 27-34, got to act like they were 15 again and jumped in the pool over & over again seeing who could create the biggest waves & who could get the closest to getting hurt without actually getting hurt! The children all had fun playing in the pool as well. It was really nice to be the guests of this group!

*Monday started another school & work week. Gracie is still doing well at school~loving it and learning lots!

*After looking at different Mother's Day Out options and dodging a couple of obstacles, I finally enrolled Katie in MDO for this year. She'll be going one day a week from 8:45-12 and I plan to volunteer in Gracie's class during at least part of this time. She may can stay until 1:45 if there's a cancellation but for right now there's too many in the afternoon so she can't. That's okay. She will be in the same class as 2 of her little "boy" friends from church so we're excited about that.

*Today is playgroup and trying to get the house straightened up a little more. Tomorrow we leave for Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. We have alot planned~Gracie's 6 year pictures, the Aquarium, the Varsity, (have you ever had a 'pimento cheese burger'?!?!) and the Cheesecake Factory. YUM! Not to mention my mom's cooking which is great! It'll be a busy but fun weekend!


Anne said...

Wow- you've got lots of excitement going on! I have fond memories of going to the Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City when I was a newlywed. The Chicken Madeira (sp?) was awesome. Have fun!!

Malia said...

yum, Cheesecake Factory, eat some friend mac & cheese for me!! love that stuff!