Monday, August 14, 2006

We survived!

What a day is all I can say!

The first day of First Grade has been completed successfully. Around 7:15 this morning, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make that statement today. Here's what happened:

We got up around 6:30. For about 2 minutes Gracie said she didn't want to get up. After that she was all giggles and happily got dressed. I made her a "Humpty Dumpty egg" and some toast for breakfast which she ate well with her milk while we did our Bible reading. We made sure she went potty and all that good stuff before leaving. I had grabbed the camera and Chris had the video camera ready. We were walking out the door and I had locked it already when I decided to grab some tissues "just in case."

As I walked back to the front door, I heard Katie screaming and saw Chris holding her horizontally. I thought maybe she was pitching a fit but didn't think it sounded like that kind of screaming. Then I saw the blood! (Katie has gotten quite good about walking down our brick front steps without having to hold someone's hand. Today, Chris said, "Ready" to prepare Gracie that he was videotaping her. Katie said, "Set. Go!" and apparently stumbled as she walked down the steps! Chris has it on video so if anyone tries to accuse us of abusing her, we have proof that it really was an accident! We think she hit face first flat on the sidewalk and not on the corner.) I looked at her and ran to get a washcloth. When I wiped at it and saw how deep it was I was afraid she'd have to have stitches. I asked Chris, "Do you want me to just take her?" He said, "yeah." So off Gracie & I went to her first day of First Grade. Not exactly the way I pictured it. We said our prayer while she was getting buckled in and we started the 2 minute drive to school. I should have walked because the traffic was so bad that in order to get to the parking lot I wanted to be in, I would have had to wait 10-15 minutes so I just ended up parking in someone's front yard anyway which wasn't too far from my house!

I walked her in and helped her find her seat which was made very welcoming by the coloring book and crayons which were waiting for her and the cute little poem with candy. Her friend Hunter came in behind us and he immediately followed her thinking they would sit beside each other. No such luck! He was across the room. Poor little thing...I think he was disappointed! LOL

I took a couple of pictures before I left. I thought she looked kind of sad as I was leaving which threw me off big time because I wasn't expecting it at all. I told Hunter's dad to look in there and see if she looked sad. He looked and said, "Yeah, kind of." So I was upset about that but went ahead and left because I knew good & well that going back in there wouldn't do any good but only make things worse. I figured maybe she was worried about Katie.

I went back to the house to check on Katie who was happy but looked horrible! Chris called the doctor and left a message for them to call. It wasn't bad enough to go to the emergency room and not bad enough to be connected to the answering service since it was so close to 8:30 so we waited for the office to open and call us back. They called about 8:20 and said we could go on in.

They got us back quickly and the nurse scrubbed on it some which Katie did not like! The doctor came in soon after and determined that she didn't have a concussion and it didn't need stitches but could just have the Dermabond stuff (really expensive super glue is how he described it! LOL) Oh, she did not like it! She had to lay down where she promptly kicked the cup of water the nurse was going to use to clean out the wound all over her chart. Then the nurse held down her arms, Chris & I held down her legs and the doctor irrigated it a couple of times~which she hated~and applied the glue. She was screaming, "Let go of me! Let go of me!" She was so loud that the other doctor in the practice opened the door to see what was going on! Yeah, that's my girl!

After he let it dry a little he told me to hold her then said it was time for IHOP! Which was funny because that's where I was planning to meet my friend (Hunter's mom) for breakfast before all this happened. So I called her and we met, just a little later than planned!

Poor Katie looks like she's been in a fight with a cat or something! For awhile I thought it was swelling up and looking worse. Now I think it's actually looking a little better. Since I was afraid that Gracie was upset because of being worried about Katie, Chris stopped by the school on his way to work to talk with her and let her know that Katie was okay.

Funny thing is, when I picked Gracie up and asked her about being sad this morning, she was like, " I wasn't sad." When I questioned her about it, she said something about how maybe she was a little worried about Katie. Oh well, maybe it's wishful thinking on my part that she'd actually be a little sad about leaving me for school. What can I say? She loves school and I'm glad!

Mary Beth & I ran around all day doing this & that which was fun and kept my mind off stuff somewhat! I'm a worrier by nature so my mind wasn't completely off of it!

Gracie had a good day and said she thinks she thinks she likes 1st grade better than Kindergarten. She was excited to do her homework and was very conscientious about doing it correctly. (handwriting) All in all, she had a good day and seemed to have no complaints or problems about her day. *whew* It was stressful for me being worried about Katie and wondering all day what Gracie was doing but I'm thankful that she had a great time, likes her teacher, learned something new already and is happy.

Thank you Lord for helping Gracie have a fantastic first day of 1st grade! I pray that she'll continue to enjoy it and will learn alot this year. Please protect her; keep a hedge of protection around her and help all of us to be examples of Christ's love. Thank you for protecting Katie and not letting her be hurt too bad. Help her to heal. Thank you for letting Chris be home to help me when she was hurt.
In Jesus' Name,


jettybetty said...

What an emotional roller coaster of a day! Poor Katie! Sounds like Gracie will LOVE first grade!

Malia said...

I'm glad everything turned out just fine. Sounds like Gracie had a great day, just like Sweetpea!

Tomorrow is the real test for me...she'll be riding the bus!

elizabeth said...

I'm sure this will be a many times repeated family story! Katie stealing the attention away from Gracie's first day!

I can't wait until Matthew starts tomorrow! I am going to have to retrain myself to wake up early!