Monday, April 16, 2007


I have to write down this story about our sweet-yet sometimes temperamental-Katie Boo.

Chris wasn't feeling well this morning so he stayed home until about 10:00. When he left for work, Katie was very upset. She kept saying things to him like, "Don't leave me!" "I don't want you to go!" over & over & over.

When he actually walked out the door, she lost it! I mean, she was throwing a fit! I probably should have really gotten on to her harder than I did but I found it kind of sweet so I just kind of let her have her time to express her frustration. (Is that code speak for being too lazy to do anything about it?!?!) Anyway.......

I finally tried to reason with her. I tried to pull her to me and talk to her. I tried to be all "Dr. Phil-like" and asked her why she was so upset and reassure her that Daddy would come home after work. She kept pulling away from me but I kept holding on to her.

I really was trying to be sweet and at one point I kissed her hand. She screamed, in between sobs, "I DIDN'T HURT ANYTHING!"

At first, I was confused as to why she said that, then I realized what she meant. When she hurts herself, she wants us to kiss it. I kissed her hand like I do when she hurts it. To me, that was a way I could make it all better. She let me know pretty quick & directly that the kiss did nothing to help what was ailin' her!

I guess I now know that the girl wants me to address issues head-on!

Well, I guess I learned my lesson. Little stinker!

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