Thursday, April 19, 2007

next Monet? Picasso?

Here is Gracie showing off her artwork at the art show. Hers is the one directly next to her. This show was organized by the art teacher and a company called "First Art Works." It's a pretty neat thing. They did their artwork in art class then this company framed it and displays it at the art show where parents can come in and buy it. It was a little expensive, but I'm a total sucker for this kind of thing. Gracie is my first baby in school so I buy into these kinds of things pretty easily! By the time poor Katie gets to school, I'll probably be over it! Poor 2nd child, right? That's okay....I love her just as much!

I've been cleaning for the "baby tea" tonight. For any baby born after the 1st, our church has "teas" instead of showers. Basically it is a shower but we call it a tea. It started out as something where we were supposed to go "meet the baby" and not take gifts but maybe a casserole or something. It's quickly turned into just a regular shower just usually smaller. The one tonight is for a girl who just had a boy and already has a little girl. My house certainly needs to still be cleaned some but it's looking pretty good. The rule is: if a door's closed, don't open it! You never know what may fall on you!!!!!!

Katie & I will hopefully be going to playgroup this morning. That will keep us out of the house so it can stay clean. She tends to pull out toys everywhere she goes. I guess that's typical of a 3 year old. Lest anyone think she is horrible because of the story I posted down below, rest assured that she really is a sweet little girl who I love with my whole heart. Last night was singing night at church and she sang & sang-sometimes even the right words! Gracie & her 7 year old best girlfriend just giggled & giggled.

I feel so blessed that Gracie has this best little girlfriend from church. I'm sure she doesn't realize how blessed she is to have this but I hope she will one day and I hope they grow up together helping each other through childhood, the teen years & beyond! Katie also has a good little girlfriend who is only 5 weeks older than her and I'm happy for her to have her little friend too! They have other friends of course, but I just think "best girlfriends" are so important for a girl to have (I know I love mine!) and I'm so glad for both of my girls to have one, and they both come from Christian families which I'm happy about

I remember when M & I were pregnant together. She called me around noon one day and I asked what she was doing and she said, "Holding my new little girl." I was so excited to hear that her baby was here and well. I was due about 6-7 weeks later and was "next" in line at church to have my baby so the excitement was building for that as well. Already having a girl, a lot of people just assumed that I "wanted" a boy. To be honest, it kind of offended me really. Would a boy have been nice-to even it out-sure. It'd be nice to have a boy, but God gets to pick that-not me and I'm just blessed & thankful to have my children, no matter which gender they happen to be. What is that scripture: "I knit you together in your mother's womb..." or something like that. When I think about that, I think, "Wow, who am I to question what God gives me?" I can't imagine Katie Boo being anyone other than sweet Katie Boo

Anyway, when she had her little girl, I was thinking it'd be nice to have a boy who could date her little girl (planning ahead!) but then I also thought how fun to have a little girl who could be best friends with her little girl! After all, M & I are such close friends, it makes sense to dream about all the good times our little girls can have together too!

I love watching Katie with her little "boyfriends" too. I'm telling you, this little girl loves her some Bryson & Dillon! They are her buddies and she loves them. It's really sweet! Katie was upset at Mother's Day Out yesterday and the director said when Dillon came she calmed down. She didn't know if it was just a coincidence or not but that's when she really calmed down. I called his mommy right away to tell her that and we both thought that was so sweet. He really is a sweet friend!

I'm not sure how I got in this direction with my post today. Someday I'd like to do a post about all the friends my girls have. I think they'd like to read it one day and hopefully will still know all those friends! I think each friend offers something special to our lives and I'm thankful that God gives them to us!

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Gracie's artwork is great!
Have a fun *tea*!